About {makeupfu}

Hello and welcome!

I’m Raquela and you’ve found {makeupfu}. I am a beauty blogger, makeup lover, web enthusiast, wife, and mother of two boys. A Pacific coast native, my life made a 180′ turnabout over a decade ago when I moved to Iowa.

Though I am most known for my digital fractal art and web design skills on sites like deviantART and Zazzle, I am also interested in veganism and, by extension, makeup. I’ve always loved makeup.

{makeupfu} was started as a beauty resource for the vegan frugalista. Veganism often seems out of reach to those on modest budgets and I wanted to show others that it’s possible to find makeup that won’t compromise your ethics or break the bank. Because vegan makeup can be hit or miss, I review products to let you know which ones are worth your time and money. It’s also a great excuse for me to try new products!

Find more info about me and the purpose of {makeupfu} by reading the FAQ!

My Art Portfolios:

I am an internationally-recognized, award-winning fractal artist with work featured on Zazzle and deviantART. In addition, I have contributed many fractal and design resources to the internet community.

Visit me at deviantART to purchase my artwork as prints and gifts.
Visit me at Zazzle to purchase my artwork as gifts.

Claire Jones – Fractal Artwork
ClaiPho – Photography
Mad Tofu Productions – Art Portfolio