Dansko Pixie in Claret {Review}

Pros: Great style, can be worn with and without socks
Cons: Very heavy, easy to lose footing and fall over, squeaky

I swear, Dansko can even make plastic shoes have the weight of a dying sun.

Last year I picked up a pair of yellow Dansko Pippas. I have a killer shoe collection–if I don’t say so myself–but I have never received more compliments from total strangers than when I wear my Pippas.

I really adore these shoes and wear them all summer–even on 4+ mile walks. They meet all my requirements: flats, yet have a platform and heels; sandal-like yet offers far more protection than flip-flops; doesn’t rub against my little toes.

There are some problems with them. The Pippas are not always the most comfortable, they are annoyingly squeaky sometimes…and they’re yellow. At the time, the Pippa only came in bright colors so I went with yellow not realizing that I sometimes look like a duck.

When I spotted the Dansko Pixie in a Brad’s Deal email, I knew I had to pick up a pair. I’ve been trying to buy a pair of red shoes for literally over five years. For one reason or another, it has never worked out.

Dansko Pixie

Dansko Pixie in Claret

Rating: **** (4 out of 5 stars)
Colors: Four @ 6pm.com: Claret (red), Ciel (powder blue), Plum, Grey; Black, Navy elsewhere
Where to Purchase: 6pm.com

Right now the Dansko Pixie is available in four colors and is on closeout at 6pm.com. Currently they retail for $34.00 USD.

The shoes have a slight incline with a combined heel height of 2 1/2 inches (mostly platform).

I don’t know why Dansko does not label the Pixie and Pippa vegan as they usually do with their vegan shoes. They are made of elastomer and polyurethane, among other plastics. Even other sites list them as vegan.


I did not realize until after I opened the box that these have a back on them. The Dansko Pippa is a backless clog and having both, I prefer the backless style better. For one, backless clogs are easier to slip on.

I’ve bought a size 36 (US 5 1/2 – 6) in Dansko before (I kind of have a thing against wearing size 7 shoes). I tried a couple of Dansko Pippas in a Von Maur and didn’t feel much difference. Since I normally wear a 6 1/2, and my Dansko Jute Pros are on the small side, I decided to get the proper size 37 (US 6 1/2 – 7).

I initially had some trouble with the Pixie. I had to search on line for how much space was acceptable between the heel and back of the shoe. It seems there’s supposed to be about a finger’s width, but I could stick two of my fingers between my heel and the back of the shoe. I asked my husband to help me with the fit and he got one finger between, so I guess my child sized fingers were the problem. Otherwise, the fit is good.

If I wear them too long, my little toe does rub against the sides. The one thing I really loved about the Pippa was that that did not happen, so I’m a little disappointed with the Pixie. And they are squeaky. It gets better once your foot warms up the plastic, but it’s still a problem. When it gets closer to fall, I’ll trying wearing socks to see if that helps.

A lot of people online mentioned that the shoes are waterproof. While the Pixie is plastic, there are small ventilation holes on the tops and sides. Not exactly waterproof.


Side view of the Dansko Pixie

I adore the look of these shoes. They have an embossed floral upper and faux wood texture on the platform. The sole has little flowers.

Sole of the Dansko Pixie

Turns out the Claret color isn’t a true red. It has too much purple in it, making it closer to a wine.


The Nitty-Gritty

Danskos are not for everyone. I have never found Danskos to be as comfortable as claimed.

I have four pairs of Danskos and one major complaint holds true for all of them. If you don’t walk perfectly straight, you land on the curved edge of the clog and your ankle buckles. Seriously, people have broken their ankles wearing Danskos.

I find that I have less trouble with ankle buckling in the Pixies and Pippas, but it still happens.

Nevertheless, I have been pleased with my purchase. The Pixie is not a walking shoe, but it is comfortable enough to walk moderate distances. And I love the look of these shoes.

The Dansko Pixie definitely has drawbacks–squeaking, ankle rolling, the plastic isn’t always the most comfortable–but if you are looking at trying Danskos, picking up a pair for thirty bucks is a good place to start.