Throwback Thursday: Fantasy Makers Halloween Tombstone Nail Polish

What do you want on your tombstone?


To kickoff October, aka Halloween month, this Throwback Thursday posts features the Fantasy Makers Tombstone Nail Polish. I only discovered these polishes a few years back and have been hooked on them ever since. You can find them in limited edition displays most often in drugstores, but also some Kmarts and Spirit Halloween stores. They usually run about $1.99 USD each.

Fantasy Makers is a Wet n Wild sub-division produced for the Halloween season by the parent company Markwins. All products are cruelty-free and some are even vegan-friendly. All polishes should be vegan. Check here to see my vegan list for the Fantasy Makers line.

Based on the quality and other factors, the Fantasy Makers polishes are likely the same as the Wet n Wild WildShine line. It also seems that Fantasy Makers likes to give new names to their recurring polishes, specifically the black, white and glow in the dark polishes.


Obviously, I love the tombstone packaging. They are just so cute!

Last year the tombstone changed from looking like an actual tombstone to having just silver skulls printed on the nail polish handle. While the original packaging looked a little dated, I kind of prefer it more since the polishes appeared more like mini tombstones.

Fantasy Makers Tombstone Nail Polish

Like the WildShine polishes, the Tombstone polishes have a thin brush. I personally prefer the wider brush of the Wet n Wild MegaLast polishes.


Wet n Wild polishes are about the highest quality budget polishes out there. Non limited edition shades typically run for less than a dollar at drugstores, mass retailers and dollar stores.

I’m hard on my hands, so I never get more than a few day before the polish chips, but I definitely prefer the Wet n Wild formulas over similar brands like L.A. Colors or e.l.f. (did you know e.l.f. recently discontinued their polish line?). Usually I can get full coverage in 1-2 coats.


So far I’ve collected five polishes over the past three years. Due to the Halloween nature of the product, you can sometimes find some very interesting and unusual shades you wouldn’t otherwise find.

Swatches of the Fantasy Makers Tombstone Nail Polishes

12561 Darkest Hour

A glossy, opaque black. Sometimes I can get away with just one coat. I believe it’s the same as the WildShine shade Black Creme, and it’s definitely one of Wet n Wild’s best shades.

12489 Once Upon a Time

A red foil hex glitter in a black base. The base is fairly thin, so it takes between 2-4 coats to get a good finish, depending on how black you want the polish. I’m not great with glitter polishes in general, but I don’t have any problem getting the glitter arranged evenly with Once Upon a Time. This shade is now in the Fergie nail polish line as Make Them Boys Go Loco.

12625 Goosebump Suit

A bright orange. This polish applies thinly, so three coats are needed for full opacity. It also dries to a dull finish, so you may want to opt for a glossy top coat.

More swatches of the Fantasy Makers Tombstone Nail Polishes

12630 Glo’ Money, Glo’ Problems

It took me three years to track down this glow-in-the-dark polish. As you can see by the photo, the polish applies clear, but gives off the familiar green glow in the dark.

12627 Roach Busters

This gross sounding polish is a lime green shade with yellowish micro glitter. It has a very nice glow to it. Again, this shade applies thinly and at least three coats are needed for full opacity. Like Goosebump Suit, you may want to apply a glossy top coat because it has a dull finish once dry.


Final Thoughts

I love these Fantasy Makers Tombstone Nail Polish by Wet n Wild. Not only do they look adorable, but they also have good quality for the price. Get them while you can because they can sell out fast!