Fantasy Makers Sparkling Lip Gloss {Review}


Rating: 4.5/5 stars
Price Tag: $1.99 USD
Shades Available: 3 shades
Weight: 0.19 oz / 5.4 g
Where to Buy: At Kmart or in drugstores like Walgreens and CVS

One interesting addition to this year’s Fantasy Makers collection is the Sparkling Lip Gloss. I had thought they were new to the line, but I found a review for them from a couple years ago while searching online. There are currently three shades available. I found the glosses at a Kmart, but be sure to check your local national drugstores.

Fantasy Makers is a sub-division of Wet n Wild, which is produced by the parent company Markwins. All products are cruelty-free and a few are vegan-friendly, including the Sparkling Lip Glosses. Click here to see my full guide to what Fantasy Makers products are vegan.


The Sparkling Lip Glosses are packaged in similar tubes to the Fantasy Makers Glitter Eyeliners (my review here), with clear tubes and glossy black tops. The wand is the standard doe foot applicator common to lip glosses.

Fantasy Makers Sparkling Lip Gloss in the shades Wicked and Bleeding Heart

As a whole, the glosses feel a little on the small side. However, I checked a Wet n Wild MegaSlicks Lip Gloss tube and they were the exact same weight.

Ingredients label for the Fantasy Makers Sparkling Lip Gloss

Each tube is sealed with a clear safety seal that doubles as the ingredients listing and lists the shade name and number.


To be honest, going off my experiences with the Wet n Wild MegaSlicks glosses (my review here), I wasn’t expecting much from the Sparkling Lip Glosses. While I do like the MegaSlicks glosses, not all have good color payoff.

I was pleasantly surprised to discover that there’s a lot to love with these glosses.

Fantasy Makers Sparkling Lip Gloss in the shades Wicked and Bleeding Heart

First off, the color payoff is amazing. Both the red and black shades are very pigmented, with great coverage. The formula itself is very moisturizing and does not dry the lips over time. The red shade, Bleeding Heart has fairly good wear time.

Judging by swatches I’ve seen online, it looks like the pigmentation has improved for both of the shades this year.

Fantasy Makers Sparkling Lip Gloss in the shades Wicked and Bleeding Heart

Now to address the problems with the glosses. The scent is absolutely horrid. It took me a while to place it, but they smell like Play-Doh. Not exactly what you want on your mouth. Also, the black gloss, Wicked doesn’t have the best wear time. It definitely didn’t look great after my meal.

Another issue is glitter fallout. I noticed glitter flakes around my chin area with prolonged wear. Not the most flattering.


The Kmart I visited had three shades, of which I purchased two. Besides a red and black color, there’s also a clear gloss whose name I failed to catch. I didn’t pick up that shade because you can find clear glitter glosses all the time. Also, I need some color on my mouth to not look washed out.

While the same three shades have been available in the past, the lip glosses I purchased for the 2015 Fantasy Makers collection have different names. This is not unusual for Fantasy Makers.

All shades contain chunky glitter that’s definitely noticeable on the lips.

Swatches of Bleeding Heart and Wicked

12759 Bleeding Heart [Glitter]

Glossy light red/dark pink with red glitter flakes.

I did not expect the level of color payoff I got with this bright red. While the pigmentation is great, it is still not opaque. One drawback is that the shade doesn’t look as red as it appears in the tube. This isn’t a surprise, though, as vegan reds tend to turn dark pink on the mouth. It’s a trade off for not incorporating carmine in the ingredients.

Due to the nature of the shade, the red has a longer wear time over the black shade.

Bleeding Heart has gone by Queen of Hearts in the past.

12758 Wicked [Glitter]

Opaque glossy black with teal glitter flakes.

I was super excited to find this black lip gloss after trying the e.l.f. Studio Moisturizing Lipstick in Blackout. Apparently I’m getting used to wearing crazy black lipsticks. This coming from a person that wears the most neutral of lip colors and won’t wear red lipstick in public.

The color applies as a very opaque black with an obvious glitter finish. It’s more forgiving than applying black lipstick, but you’ll still want to use some sort of lip liner or reverse lip liner.

Unfortunately, I noticed obvious fading fairly quickly after the initial application. It definitely needs to be reapplied after eating and drinking.

Wicked has gone by the name Wicked Witch in the past.


Final Thoughts

Pros: Budget friendly, highly pigmented, moisturizing formula
Cons: Strong Play-Doh scent, glitter, short wear time, limited shades, glitter fallout

I really like these Fantasy Makers Sparkling Lip Glosses. It’s difficult to find budget-friendly black lip products that are vegan, so if you’re looking for one, the Fantasy Makers lip gloss is an affordable option.