Throwback Thursday: Bare Bare Naturals Pumpkin Black Tea Soap


Continuing on with the theme of autumn and Halloween inspired throwback posts, today I have the Pumpkin Black Tea soap by the indie company Bare Bare Naturals. Unfortunately, like many Etsy brands, the shop seems to have been closed for some time.

I love, love handmade soaps. The delicious smells and their hard, waxy textures are always so lovely. Unfortunately, my super dry skin has never met a cold-processed—or glycerin—soap it could tolerate. Doesn’t stop me from buying them. I have a drawer full of CP soaps that I inevitably foist on my husband.

Bare Bare Naturals Pumpkin Black Tea soap

A few years back in 2011, I purchased several soaps from Bare Bare Naturals, mostly as Christmas gifts that year, including this tempting Pumpkin Black Tea soap. It smelled so good and spicy, and I loved the ground tea bits added for color and exfoliation. So pretty!

But alas, as always, it was too harsh for my skin. Maybe some day my skin won’t be so dry. In any case, my husband enjoyed it.