Chinese Laundry Haylie Pump {Review}

Pros: Very high quality, comfortable (given the heel height), gorgeous design, shoe box is teh awesome
Cons: Sizes run at least 1/2 size large, Heels and platform are very high, Overwhelming gold shift in bronze fabric not noticeable in online images, pricey for budget shoppers

My husband works at the Cedar Rapids Nordstrom call center, so I’ve been keeping up more on fashion trends. One day I was surfing around the Nordstrom website and stumbled on a truly awesome shoe, the BP. ‘Kenna’ Sandal in Blush. Since it was leather, I headed over to Amazon to see if I could find something similar in a non-leather version.

Though I didn’t find anything in the right colour, I did stumble upon the Haylie pump in Blush by Chinese Laundry. These Haylie pump by Chinese Laundry comes in four styles: Black, Blush, Bronze and Leopard. I fell in love with the shoe, but the $90 price tag was a little steep. Didn’t stop me from thinking about them all the time.

I kept price comparing and eventually found the Bronze version on sale at Zappos for $60. I really wanted to get the shoes in Blush, but couldn’t justify the full price. Especially after I had just ordered some items from Nordstrom during their Women’s Half Yearly Sale. (>_<) I had also been interesting in the Bronze shade after reading the Blush version was more beige than pink. I waffled on Zappos site until my husband piped up that it was okay if I didn't really want to buy them, leaving me grumbling at the computer that of course, I was getting them, just give me a minute. And my birthday was coming up, so you know... So I finally ordered the Bronze version of the Haylie Pump and I was very excited when they arrived. Now, if I only had an occasion to wear them. (=_=) [singlepic id=703 w=320 h=240 float=center]

The Chinese Laundry shoebox

First off, the shoes arrived in this big ole box with zero padding. I was torn being amused and horrified. The shoebox was dented in some areas from the journey. It’s probably because I’ve never bought $90 shoes, but I’m impressed with the shoebox. It’s covered with all these pretty swirling, flowing designs. Reminds me of the Everyday Minerals gift boxes.

Chinese Laundry Haylie Pumps in shoebox

Once I opened the box and pulled out the shoes, I was very surprised at the colour. They are a light brown shade with lots and lots of gold shimmer. Normally I think of bronze having warm red undertones, so I wasn’t expecting the gold. But these are the shoes I never thought I’d own, so no complaints here.

Tada! Chinese Laundry Haylie Pumps in Bronze

Normally I wear a 6.5 size shoe, but I read online that the shoes ran large. I went with a 6, then realized they were still too large. I was afraid that if I traded them in for a 5.5 and those didn’t fit, I might not be able to get the 6 again–the Haylie line of shoes sell fast. I bought a couple of insoles and the shoes fit great now. I’m so relieved.

Close up of Chinese Laundry Haylie Pumps in Bronze.

Overall, they are very high quality. The insides are lined with very good material, some of which looks like real leather. I’d be concerned, but the shoes are from the Chinese Laundry Vegan Line (yes, they have vegan lines!). The shoes look just like the pictures I saw online, with exception of colour.

The shoes are very shy. Please excuse the blurry photo.

I remember one reviewer reassuring that the shoes don’t look trashy in person. I didn’t understand what she was talking about because I didn’t think the shoes looked trashy. Until I saw them in person. The heels are 5″ high with a 1 1/5″ platform. I have a couple of shoes with what I consider high heels, but none are anywhere close to these. The Haylie shoes are actually only 3 1/5″ high for your foot. The platform does help to alleviate pressure on the front of the foot. But still, the shoes are edgy and push the envelope. I wouldn’t suggest wearing them to church. (^_^)

Final Thoughts:

I’m super happy with the shoes. I just wish I could wear them somewhere!

I would love to get these shoes in Blush, but only if I’m able to snag them in a price reduction. I want to see them in person to make a more informed decision, if only I could find them! The local Von Maur only had a couple pairs left in Black.