e.l.f. Sugarkiss & Toys “R” Us {Spotted}

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That Galaxy Beauty tablet thing in the middle of the top row is not an e.l.f. product.

I ended up dashing off to Toys “R” Us after all.

It may be because I’ve been surrounded by boys for fourteen years, but I found it incredibly uncomfortable searching around the girl aisles for makeup.

The exciting news is that I did find e.l.f. Sugarkiss at my local Toys “R” Us (Cedar Rapids, IA). The downside is that I couldn’t find the Super Glossy Lip Shine in Rainbow—nor is it available anymore online—or the Beauty Book. Bummer. Those were the two things I really wanted.

So I went home made an order. I picked up the Beauty Book: Bright Eyes (my review here) and an Eyeshadow Duo in Mint/Peach because, you know, I couldn’t get the SGLS in Rainbow (just noticed that this SGLS has an e.l.f. not Sugarkiss label).

e.l.f. Sugarkiss

Price $4.99-$14.99 in stores, $1.99-$14.99 online
Where to Buy: ToysRUs.com and in stores.

Close up of some e.l.f. Sugarkiss products

So far, I’ve only seen the new Sugarkiss line available at Toys “R” Us. It is possible, however, that some other tween store out there carries Sugarkiss.

I found the e.l.f. products in one of the “pink aisles”. There was a bunch of other cosmetics in the same aisle, not too far from where the boy section begins.

Little Black Book

There was a brightly colored Little Black Book (probably replaced the Beauty Book), retailing for $5.99 USD that is not available online. I have visually confirmed that it is the same set as the Little Black Beauty Book in Cool.

Unfortunately, I did not look at it closely enough to see what the Sugarkiss version is called.

I’m a bit surprised that e.l.f. didn’t go with the Night version for the Sugarkiss line. It has very similar shades to the Studio Makeup Clutch Palette.

5-Piece Nail Polish Set

The nail polish set featured different colors than the one online. The online version has five bright/neon shades in Yellow, Green, Orange, Hot Pink, and Fuchsia (shade names taken from individual colors sold online).

The set I saw in the store still has five shades, but there are pink, teal, silver glitter, blue, and purple polishes.

4-Piece Super Glossy Lip Shines

The Toys “R” Us website has a set with clear, pink, peach/clear swirl, and tangerine shades. The version in store has a clear gloss and the rest are varying shades of pink.

The website states the SLGS have a “[f]resh, fruity scent”.

Get the Look Set

The Get the Look Set3 is slightly different from what is shown online. First of all, the picture online appears to be a product mockup and not an actual product photo. Because of this, it’s unclear as to if these are two different products or the same product with an incorrect image. The product information only lists the product types and not the actual shade names. More likely than not, there is only one version and the mockup is incorrect.

The darkest purple eyeshadow in the mockup has been replaced by a gunmetal grey. The mockup shows gold glitter and fuchsia nail polishes. The Get the Look set I saw in the store has a silver glitter polish and a purple shade.

Eyeshadow Duos

I’m happy to report that the Eyeshadow Duos are not nearly as vibrant in person as they appear in the website. I think my phone camera captured the colors well enough. Still bright and colorful, but much more reasonable.

I did not find any single Eyeshadow Duos. They may have been offered singly as stocking stuffers, along with the SGLS, during the winter holiday season.

15-Piece Nail Polish Set

There is a nail cube that is different from both holiday versions offered online at e.l.f. The selection is on the dark side—lots of deep shades and dark reds, plus lots of glitter—but I don’t remember seeing any exclusive shades. Could this be a preview to a new winter 2013 cube?

e.l.f. Sugarkiss Nail Cube

Huh. Just noticed that this is a 15 piece set, but the original nail cubes only have 14 polishes.

Like the Get the Look Set, the online image for the nail polish cube appears to be a mockup and not an actual product photo. The set I saw in the store had lots of dark shades whereas the mockup has lots of purples and other lighter colors.

If I had to guess, I’d say there is only one nail cube and the online image is incorrect.