True Beauty Box ~Veganista~ Subscription Service {Review}

True Beauty Box ~Veganista~ Subscription Service {Review}



Rating: 2.5/5 stars ★★☆☆☆
Subscription Plans: $30 USD bimonthly
Options: Veganista, Indulge
Where to Purchase: Discontinued

Important Updates

Final Update: As of 2014, the True Beauty Box subscription has been discontinued.

While I was writing up this review, True Beauty Box pulled a 180′ on me. I was trying to get sources for some of the quotes and noticed some interesting changes. I’m quite disappointed that I have not yet received any emails about the (substantial) change in service even though we’re a little over a week away from what would have been August’s monthly charge. Judging by the FAQ, there will not be an August box.

TBB has pulled the Flirt level. The Indulge and Veganista options are now both $30, but will only be shipped bi-monthly (once every two months). They did address the goodies policy in the FAQ by making it broader:

Did we mention that our bi-monthly box will also include an EXTRA GIFT? You never know when The True Beauty Box will include extra goodies such as gift cards, exclusive promo codes, and extra products so stay tuned and check you email for True Beauty Newsletters for tips and hints!

Shipping has also been addressed in the FAQ:

The True Beauty Box will shipped September, November, January, March, May, and July! We will aim to begin delivery by the 17th of each month. Delivery dates could change in the matter of circumstances outside our control.

I’m trying to put this all in a positive light. I’m definitely bummed about the changes, but more so about not being notified.

I’m going to leave the rest of the review as is until I’ve received a few more boxes under the updated service.

True Beauty Box ~Veganista~


I have received four beauty boxes since I began my subscription in April. Despite some hiccups, I have been pleased with the subscription. I think at this point I am able to give the True Beauty Box (TBB) a comprehensive review. Since I subscribe to the Veganista True Beauty Box, I will only be reviewing this subscription option.

The following is an in-depth analysis of the TBB. I’m trying to say that this is a super long, text heavy review.

From the FAQ “What’s in the True Beauty Box?”:

Veganista – A mix of full size cosmetics, self tanners, lotions, and skin care that are all certified vegan and 100% natural, plus vegan samples!

The True Beauty Box is a monthly “subscription box” containing at least three full size cosmetics from TrueNatural, benecos, and Lavera. These are the only three companies that contribute to the box. The website suggests otherwise, but I’ve only ever seen products from these three. Usually sample sachets are included. Each month there is a general theme with a little card showing the products for all three subscriptions.

There are three subscription levels: Flirt, Veganista and Indulge. Flirt ($30) is all cosmetics; Veganista ($30) is all vegan products (duh), consisting of both cosmetics and skin care; Indulge ($40) is a much larger offering of cosmetics and skin care products. For a while, I thought Indulge was also vegan, but after closer examination I have found it is not. So vegans, just stick with the Veganista option.

Your account is charged on the 16th or so every month, with the boxes mailing out around the 25th. You are allowed to skip a month, if needed. If you cancel your subscription, there is a one year waiting period before rejoining is allowed.

The obvious problem with box services in general is the lack of choice. If you need to choose each item you buy, this and other box subscriptions are probably not for you.

This is how the TBB started…

The Upside

There’s a vegan option.

Honestly, being able to participate in a vegan cosmetics beauty box subscription is awesome. I’ve wanted to try one since I first heard about Birchbox on Instagram last year.

I don’t have to wade through a website playing the spot-the-vegan-products either. It’s nice to not worry about which products are okay. They’re already chosen for me.

Also, the samples, when included, are always vegan.

Great Deals

While slightly more expensive than many beauty box subscriptions, you receive a fair amount of product for $30 USD/month. I would point out that when I made an order through, the company that distributes the boxes, the lowest shipping cost available was $7.50 for USPS first class. Costs only increase from there.

Aside from shipping, the value of each box is about $50 USD. Value is, however, a relative term. I will point out that several of the products I’ve received are actually clearance items. Some appear to be old packaging while others have a short shelf life and need to be sold off quickly.

The Surprise Element

It’s kind of like getting a gift each month, albeit a present you purchased yourself. Since I don’t have to worry about label checking, I’m always excited to receive my box.

…and this is how it ended.

The Downside

The big problem is that the TBB FAQ is out of date. I think it was written when the subscription service began and hasn’t been updated to match the reality of running a largescale operation.

Beauty Profiles and Personally Curated Products

There is one thing specifically about the TBB subscription that baffles me. When you first sign up for the service there are two main options to choose from. The main option is the subscription level, while the other involves what colors you want in the box. There are four options: Eco Chic, Purely Pretty, Organically on Trend, and Natural Beauty. There’s even a little quiz you can take on the True Beauty Box website to help determine which option best suits you.

From the FAQ “What is the True Beauty Box?”:

Take our quiz and find out your beauty profile! With a personally curated box, determined by the Beauty Profile Quiz, you are sure to get your look every time!

But here’s the thing: As far as I can tell, everyone receives identical shades and products each month.

I’ve looked online through last year and have not seen evidence that anyone receives something different. While I think it is a good thing to offer different shades to people, if you’re not actually going to adhere to the options, don’t offer them in the first place.


Of course there is the samples problem. Here’s a quote from the site:

As a True Beauty you will receive a monthly box full of All Natural, Full Size, trendy and chic beauty products, plus samples and a monthly surprise!

Honestly, I don’t care much about the samples themselves. I think they are a nice addition, but I don’t need them. I’m going to go ahead and assume there were shortages for the months I didn’t receive anything. However, when the website states that samples will be included in every box and part of the TBB subscription box service, not including them is a big problem.

They could very easily have said they would include samples when available. There. This does not create expectations and the resulting fallout when they are not included. Really. So much angst over something so easy to address.

And let’s not even talk about the monthly surprise.

Monthly Surprises

Or let’s. As with the samples, I don’t need a monthly extra, but if the TBB doesn’t deliver on its promises, that’s a problem.

According to the FAQ:

Did we mention that our monthly box will also include an EXTRA GIFT? Every month we’ll team up with another company we personally LOVE, to provide you a surprise extra gift in your True Beauty Box!

In the four months I’ve had the TBB subscription, I have received a discount coupon to one company in one month’s box and a cosmetics bag in another. Discount Codes

When you go to the TBB site, there are little stickers on the front page that say, “All True Beauties enjoy 15% off all individual product purchases”. There’s a similar statement on the description cards included with the monthly boxes.

Except this isn’t exactly true. If you dig around the site you can find this statement on the benefits of having a TBB subscription:

Exclusive member-only promo codes for 15% Off Sitewide on

You periodically get discount codes. They’re not an automatic thing like it’s suggested.

Product Shortages

There have been a couple instances when I did not receive the item I was supposed to. I can only think that it must have something to do with the fact that my last name starts with an “S”. It may only be the nineteenth letter in the English alphabet, but I have been consistently one of the last people on class rosters when I was in school.

For example, I was supposed to receive an eyeshadow brush in May’s TBB. I received a Rouge brush instead. I’m still not sure if I got a better deal this way. On one hand, the value of the Rouge brush is higher than the eyeshadow brush, but on the other, I really wanted to try the eyeshadow brush.

There was also the time I didn’t get the physical discount code for Organik. I was informed by email that they had run out of cards before reaching my box.

Mail Date

True Beauty Box really needs to formally come out and address the new mail date. I thought the delayed June box was a one time deal, but judging by July’s ship date, this has become the new timeline. The payment date, however, has stayed the same.

If they’re going to change the mail date, fine. Just let us know and change the FAQ as well.

Limited Range of Products

I’m excited to receive self-tanners and sunscreen. I’m less thrilled getting two self-tanners a couple months apart. Both the April and June boxes were filled with sun care products. There’s only so often you can fake your bake.

I’ll be watching carefully for redundancies. I’m wondering how long it will be before I receive product duplicates. It’s going to happen at some point with only three main companies contributing to the TBB.


Final Thoughts

Despite some of the wonkiness—and my critical review—I would definitely recommend this service to vegans. I’m not sure how TBB compares to other cosmetic subscription boxes, so I can only comment on the vegan aspect.

I think there’s always going to be some sort of problem with these box subscriptions and I don’t see them being only problems for the True Beauty Box. I just want to be clear on the problems with the TBB so that others know what to expect beforehand when they subscribe.

I would love to have more cosmetics in each box, but I’ve received some fantastic skin care products–yes, even those self-tanners. I think I’ve only had one true dud product (a face sunblock that doesn’t work with my dry skin).

So despite the flaws, I still give the True Beauty Box a four star rating. Why? Because it’s a good service with good products. I only wish they’d be a bit more up front in certain areas and live up to the promises stated on the website.