New e.l.f Holiday 2013 Sets @ Target {Spotted}

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New e.l.f Holiday 2013 Sets @ Target


Finally! After weeks of scouring my local Targets, I’ve finally found the e.l.f. winter holiday sets. The display wasn’t where I expected it and I thought for a moment the visit was a bust, but then I spotted a discarded e.l.f. Brush set.

The display was on a front endcap facing the registers on the last aisle, with the bath sets on one side and the green products/Boots display on the other.

They are similar to the Walgreens holiday sets, with white packaging and gold accents, but this time around the gold, glittery accents are geometric shapes. Explains the emphasis on the geometric palettes.

Not pictured are the $3 sets:

I was surprised to not see either the e.l.f. Essential Holiday 3 Piece Jumbo Lip Gloss Set or the e.l.f. Essential Holiday 3 Piece Jumbo Eyeshadow Set. I know there was a Jumbo Eyeshadow Stick Set in the Target Beauty School 2013 display.

Biggest disappointment? No Beauty Books! I can’t believe it. They’re not pictured above, but there were actually two rows of the Get the Look Set/4 Piece Shimmer Gloss Collection/18-Piece Geometric Eyeshadow Palette/4 Piece Nail Polish Set displays, so…maybe the Beauty Books will be released later?

Also, no 9 Piece Super Glossy Lip Shine Set. Not that I was going to buy it in the store (I’m waiting for Cyber Monday), but I would have liked to have seen it.

I’m pretty sure that everything but the Target exclusive e.l.f. Studio 6-Piece Geometric Eyeshadow Palettes are available online. So, you may want to wait for the Black Friday/Cyber Monday deals (on any other special).

I’m a little disappointed by the limited gift sets considering I know what’s available online. The good thing is that e.l.f. has (mostly) brought back the windowed packaging. I can’t stand not seeing what’s inside the boxes!