New Sugarkiss by e.l.f. Singles @ Toys “R” Us {Spotted}

I recently discovered that Sugarkiss by e.l.f.—a discontinued line—is alive and well at Toys “R” Us. One item I was absolutely taken with was the Sugarkiss exclusive Super Glossy Lip Shine in Rainbow. I went to the store and had zero luck finding it, or any other makeup singles. I tried to order it online, but the site informed me that it was only available in stores. So…I was at a standstill.

After spotting last year’s e.l.f. SGLS stocking stuffers at Walgreens a couple weeks ago, I had an epiphany. If Walgreens was carrying the same e.l.f. stocking stuffers as last year, maybe Toys “R” Us would do the same.

On Friday, I went with my husband to Toys “R” Us to see if my hunch was correct. The store was unusually crowded for a Friday morning. I first checked the stocking stuffer/holiday section, but couldn’t find any e.l.f. products. The next place to try was the actual e.l.f. section.

I had some trouble finding the main tween makeup section because it had been moved from the last time I visited Toys “R” Us. Almost all of the Sugarkiss products were now behind a large pole (seriously, what the…). I looked at all the Sugarkiss by e.l.f. products, but didn’t find anything new. It was when I did another sweep that I noticed the makeup singles in clear plastic, hanging bins.

Sugarkiss by e.l.f. makeup singles at Toys "R" Us

Sugarkiss by e.l.f. makeup singles at Toys “R” Us

This is how the whole thing went down:

Hubby: Did you find what you were looking for? (T.T)
Me: (Peering at the e.l.f. products) No…yes. I found the e.l.f. products, but not what I was looking for. (<.<) Me: (Spots the hanging bins of e.l.f. products) (o.O)
Me: (Starts grabbing the Super Glossy Lip Shines) *Unintelligible noises of girly excitement* \(O.O\)
Hubby: Oh, you found what you were looking for. (T.T)

The bins were a jumbled mess, but I found three shades of Super Glossy Lip Shines: Rainbow, Sparkly Pink/Purple, and Sparkly Clear that I think might be Cream Brulee (see my earlier post on this LE Walgreens shade). None of the makeup singles had names on the labels, so I’m going off the website. I’ll point out that the Rainbow gloss isn’t anywhere as pigmented as the website shows, but it’s still pretty nifty.

Besides the SGLSs, there were all four of the Toys “R” Us exclusive e.l.f. Eyeshadow Duos (Pink/Teal, Fuchsia/Purple, Gold/Blue, Mint/Peach) in the same bin.

e.l.f. nail polishes spotted at Toys "R" Us.

Those lip glosses trios in the same bin that look like they could be SGLSs are actually produced by some other brand.

In another bin I spotted a whole mess of nail polishes. These are not on the Toys “R” Us site and they are not LE or anything. Again, no names on labels, but I recognized Love Me, Chic Confetti, Teal Blue, and probably Flirty Fuchsia.

Unfortunately, all of the makeup singles sport the traditional e.l.f. labels. The Toys “R” Us exclusive Eyeshadow Duo set, for instance, has the Sugarkiss label.

Tada! Here’s what I bought.

LE Sugarkiss by e.l.f. @ Toys "R" Us


If you are interested in these Toys “R” Us exclusive e.l.f. products, you better move quickly. My local store was pretty ravaged by the time I got there.

For more information of Sugarkiss by e.l.f., you can read my other posts on the subject.