Pacifica Tuscan Blood Orange Take Me There Set {Review}

This post contains affiliate links Pros: Economical price, pure scent, good way to try out several products
Cons: Fruity fragrance, not many fragrance alternatives, lip tint is too large for precise application

I’ve been so intrigued in Pacifica since Target started carrying the all vegan brand. When I saw it at my local store, I thought it would be interesting to try something that wasn’t a color cosmetic (I had previously purchased the Enlighten Eye Brightening Mineral Eye Shadow Palette and Radiant Shimmer Coconut Multiples; my review here). Plus, I wanted to try one of the lip tints and Blood Orange was a color I had an interest in.

The Take Me There Set features a mini body butter, roll-on perfume and jumbo lip tint.

Tuscan Blood Orange Take Me There Set

Rating: A-
Price: $18 USD
Sets Available: 4 sets
Where to Buy: Target stores, Pacifica,,

Pacifica says this set is a $28 value for $18. The roller-ball fragrance is $12, the jumbo lip tint is $9, and the mini body butter is $7.

I’m not sure if this is a limited edition set or something Pacifica intends to offer for a few years.

The Tuscan Blood Orange line appears to be one of Pacifica’s primary scents. It smells just as the name implies, a definite orange scent. Honestly, I’m not the biggest fan of fruity scents (I don’t like smelling like food). If there was more options at Target, I may have chosen something else, like Island Vanilla.

In spite of the fruity scent, I find I do like the Tuscan Blood Orange fragrance. I use the roller-ball perfume often in the summer, although that could be simply because I keep it near my makeup.

For some reason, I only have photos of the set with the Physicians Formula Tinted Moisturizer…


As with all Pacifica products, the packaging is very pretty. There are little oranges all over the top and sides of the box. It lacks the gold foiled accents from other Pacifica products, using instead a metallic gold that’s not quite as shiny.

Since there’s a handle on top, I’m guessing you could just slap a bow on it if you were gifting it.

Oddly, the lip tint ingredients are on a sticker that’s beneath the perfume and body butter ingredients. I don’t know if they were originally omitted from the box or incorrect. I’ve tried removing the sticker, but was unsuccessful.

Mini Body Butter

This is the only product in the set that isn’t full-sized. A regular tube is 8 oz, but this is a mini tube for 2.5 oz.

The body butter has a thick consistency and is a hydrating moisturizer. It’s great for dry skin, whether it is naturally so, like mine, or just because we are entering the winter months.

It’s got a ton of different oils and butters in it, like shea butter, carrot seed oil, kakui nut oil, rose seed oil, cocoa butter, jojoba oil, and mango butter.

The product is a whitish color because it contains no dyes.

Obviously, there is a blood orange scent to the product.


This perfume is housed in a roller-ball container. I’m guessing it’s good for throwing in your purse, though I haven’t tried that. I have a fear of perfume leaking all over my bags.

Once applied, I’ve found the scent lasts for a few hours, though I haven’t actually clocked it. The fragrance is on the light side and not overpowering.

Lip Quench Jumbo Lip Tint

The lip tint itself is just called Blood Orange.

This was the product I wanted to try most of the set. The one thing I don’t like about the original Pacifica lip tints is the packaging. While the company has gorgeous packaging, but the lip tints are in a box without any plastic windows so you can’t see inside. The boxes are colored to represent the shade inside, but it’s vague in reality.

Color Quench Jumbo Lip Tint in Blood Orange

In the Take Me There set, you can sort of see the lip tint because it’s packaged in a clear plastic tube, though only the bottom part. I actually used the plastic tube when I crocheted my son a Minecraft Creeper (requires Ravelry membership to view) to make the hissing sound.

Reusing the Color Quench Jumbo Lip Tint tube to make a Minecraft Creeper hiss.

The lip tint has good color payoff, though it’s still sheer. I really love the coral-pink shade. It suits my warm undertoned skin and I like the orange blood flavor.

Unlike most lip tints, this product is in a jumbo lip container. The plus side is that there is way more product than usual-.25 oz versus .15 oz–but the downside is that it’s much more difficult to apply. I also get a bit of orange halo around my lips from the lip tint bleeding.



The Take Me There Sets are good if you are new to Pacifica and want to try a few products at once. They are also good for gift giving.

The downside is that the sets are predominately skin and fragrance, and less about cosmetics. I also wish the lip tint was packaged in the slimmer tube, even if there’s less product, so it’s easier to apply.

If you are looking for something other than a fruity scent, you can find three other scents at the Pacifica website.