ecoTOOLS Four Piece Touch-Up Set {Review}

This post contains affiliate links Pros: All brushes are well-crafted, no shedding, the eyeshadow shading brush is the best vegan version of its kind, economically priced
Cons: Exact usage for Finishing brush is unclear, Lash & Brow Groomer is redundant

I scored this set on clearance when my local Kmart closed down last year. I think I got it for 30% off.

4 Piece Touch-Up Set

Overall Rating: B
Price Tag: $6.99-$9.99
Brushes Included: 4
Where to Buy: In drugstores,


Like most ecoTOOLS brushes, the product comes in a half fabric, half plastic pouch. The company touts them as reusable, but I never know what to do with the pouches. They usually end up stuffed in a drawer and forgotten. I store all of my brushes in pencil containers and votive jars anyway.

Close up of the ecoTOOLS Touch-Up Set

Unlike e.l.f. Studio brushes, I’ve never had any problems with any brush I’ve purchased from ecoTOOLS, despite the latter usually only costing a few dollars more. I have not had any incidents with shedding with this set.

ecoTOOLS Touch-Up Set

The polished bamboo handle is smooth and sturdy. Each brush also helpfully sports its name on the handle. I must admit that I like the new(er) bronzer ferrules over the original silver versions. There is even a small, embossed “e” on it.


As mentioned before, there are four, full size brushes in this set. It’s well themed, though not exactly a brush set you absolutely need to own.

Finishing Brush

Rating: B-

I have to admit that I have no idea what to do with this brush. When it was in the packaging, I thought it was a round brush that had been smushed, but it’s actually flat. It is a small, stippling face brush to use with a finishing dust. The labeling on the package doesn’t give specific guidelines for use.

Finishing brush included in the Touch-Up Set

Due to the flat shape, I’m not sure that it should be called a finishing brush. I feel like it’s very awkward to use. Like the ecoTOOLS Sheer Finish Kabuki Brush, the bristles have a difficult time picking up product. I suppose I’m simply not a fan of the ecoTOOLS stippling brushes.

Side view of the Finishing brush

The Finishing brush seems more suited for bronzer, blush, or wherever you need a lighter touch. I have found more success using it as blush brush.

Another view of the Finishing brush included in the Touch-Up Set

Eye Shading Brush

Rating: A+

I have spent years searching for the perfect vegan shading/blending brush. I’ve purchased many from Everyday Minerals, e.l.f. Studio, and even ecoTOOLS, but I was never satisfied until now.

Face on view of the Eye Shading brush

The Eye Shading brush has the perfect blend of bristle length and flexibility that I have never found before—not even with the similar Highlight brush from the ecoTOOLS 6 Piece Eye Brush Set.

Side view of the Eyes Shading brush

At this point I’m declaring the Eye Shading Brush to be the best vegan shader/blender out there. It makes the entire Touch-Up Set a worthwhile investment, especially with the following brush.

Detailer/Lip Brush

Rating: A

I really like this lip brush, especially since it not super long and narrow like most other lip brushes.

I always feel the need to buy lip brushes, then never follow through. This is only my second lip brush, after the Retractable Lip Brush by e.l.f., which I also recommend.

Lash & Brow Groomer

Rating: B

I don’t even know what to say about this product. It’s utilitarian and works, but it’s standard fare.

The product is also redundant. You probably own another if you’ve bought other ecoTOOLS sets—or any eyeshadow brush set ever.

The set would be more rounded with a small concealer or foundation brush in place of the Lash & Brown Groomer.


Final Thoughts

Honestly, I would recommend the Touch-Up Set for the Eye Shading brush alone. I have not found another vegan shader/blender that works as well.

As for the rest of the products, the lip brush is a useful addition to anyone’s brush arsenal, and the lash and brow groomer—despite being utilitarian and redundant—meshes with the touch-up concept well enough. That leaves the oddly designed finishing brush. You can easily derive a use for it, but it remains the awkward child that doesn’t know how to fit in with the rest of the kids.