Rainbow e.l.f. Super Glossy Lip Shine Back on ToysRUs.com

Rainbow e.l.f. Super Glossy Lip Shine Back on ToysRUs.com

Back in stock online: The elusive Rainbow Super Glossy Lip Shines by e.l.f.

If you’ve followed {makeupfu} these past several months, you’ll know that I have become obsessed with the uber rare Rainbow Super Glossy Lip Shine from Sugarkiss by e.l.f.—their recently revived tween line sporadically found at Toys “R” Us and Target. Technically, I’m not sure if the SGLSs that Toys “R” Us carries are part of the Sugarkiss line since they bear the standard e.l.f. logo.

I discovered the rainbow version a few months ago on the Toys “R” Us website, but I was disappointed that I could not order it online. A check at my local store turned up some Sugarkiss products, but no individual SGLSs. However, when Christmas rolled around I suspected these individual SGLSs might be revived as stuffing stuffers. Turns out my hunch was correct and I was able to buy them locally.

Long story short, I totally forgot I had signed up for product alerts until I received an email letting me know that the Rainbow Super Glossy Lip Shine is now in stock online on ToysRUscom. You can buy it here for $1.99 (all special edition SGLSs are a dollar more than their regular edition counterparts).

I’m not sure how long Toys “R” Us will carry the individual Rainbow SGLS, so if you want it, you should make an order ASAP.

While the Rainbow version is available, the purple version has been removed from the site. You can however, now purchase three other Toys “R” Us exclusive SGLSs.

The individual e.l.f. Eyeshadow Duos are also still unavailable online, but you can buy them together in one set for $6.99. You can see a couple of Eyeshadow Duos I’ve purchased here or photos of the sets here.

For all e.l.f. products on ToysRUs.com, you can see them here. There are also a few e.l.f. items going under the parent name of J.A. Cosmetics that you can see here.