{makeupfu} Was Pinned by e.l.f.

{makeupfu} Was Pinned by e.l.f.!

Screengrab of Pinterest

I’m a little late with this news, but I’m still excited about it. Two swatch pictures of mine were pinned by e.l.f. to the Pinterest board Color Crush Feb 2014: Champagne!—their exclamation point, not mine. Scroll towards the bottom of the board to see my swatch photos of the e.l.f. Mineral Eyeshadows (my full review with swatches are here).

My only complaint is that one of the photos was not taken from {makeupfu}. I mean, come on e.l.f. It’s fairly obvious that a site called atlantictattooremoval.com is not your usual place to find e.l.f. swatches. I don’t even know how my image got associated with the tattoo removal site. I checked it over and can’t find any makeup related posts. Even if the image is there, my photos are watermarked and a simple search will turn up the original site.

Can’t say I’m surprised they didn’t take the time to track down my site for proper attribution. e.l.f. is known for sloppy articles and using unauthorized photos on their blog.

As a digital artist, I’m used to sort of thing and I’m not too bothered. I still think it’s neat that e.l.f. pinned my photos.

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