Physicians Formula Spotted at Dollar Tree {Spotted}

Physicians Formula Spotted at Dollar Tree


I was at one of my local Dollar Trees last night and couldn’t believe it when I spotted a ton of Physicians Formula products.

I had read about this phenomenon at Nouveau Cheap, but I didn’t expect my local stores to get them. In the past, other locations got the Wet n Wild Fantasy Makers sets and these nifty little drawer storage units (I still obsessively check for those), but never found anything locally.

I even went to Chicago to see if I could find the Physicians Formula. Well, I didn’t go to Chicago to look exclusively for dollar store makeup. I was in Chicago and I had to go to Dollar Tree (nothing of interest at the location I visited, not even e.l.f.). My husband looked at me like I had three heads when we drove past a huge DT store and I demanded we check inside. In all of his nativity, he informed me that we already have Dollar Trees in Cedar Rapids. Men. Seriously. Due to traffic and lack of time, I never did get to that location. I’m convinced it would have had better stuff than the store I checked.

Anyway, back to the Cedar Rapids’ east side Dollar Tree, I found Organic Wear Blushes (4 shades), Organic Wear Bronzing Veil (one shade: Broze Organics – Medium Skin), a Mineral Wear Illuminating Veil Loose Powder (one shade; I forgot to get the specifics while I was at the store), and a product called Brow-Tweez (2 shades: Dark Blonde and Light Brown).

Now for the bad news. The blushes, loose powder and bronzer come with natural fiber brushes. The blushes have a small, half-moon brush that is separate from the packaging, while the loose powder and bronzer have a brush that is attached to the packaging. The Mineral Wear Illuminating Veil Loose Powder was the only product that contained carmine. The Brow-Tweez was the only product I saw that didn’t have carmine or natural fiber brushes.

While I was at Dollar Tree, I hear this guy on his cell phone talking to someone on the other end about how much Organic Wear he had found at the store. The next time I walked past him, I noticed he’s got this huge pile of products in his basket. I was silently LAWLING (oxymoron), knowing that whoever he was talking to must be a reader of Nouveau Cheap.

This Rapunzel doll at Dollar Tree looks kind of weird...

This Rapunzel doll at Dollar Tree looks kind of weird…