Vegan Cuts Photo-A-Day Challenge on Instagram starts tomorrow! {Ended}

Vegan Cuts Photo-A-Day Challenge on Instagram Starts Tomorrow!


Starting tomorrow, you can participate in the first ever Vegan Cuts Photo-A-Day Challenge on Instagram! The five winners of the seven day contest will receive a Vegan Cuts Snack Box and Beauty Box. Exciting stuff!

Be sure to tag each photo every day with @vegancuts, #vcphotocontest, plus the hashtag of the day. To enter the contest you also need to repost the image above (either download the above image and post on Instagram, take a screenshot of the image via Vegan Cut’s Instagram account, or use an Instagram reposting app) with the hashtags @vegancuts and #vcphotocontest.

So you can be prepared, the seven days are as follows:

  1. Tuesday (April 1st): #whatveganswear
  2. Wednesday (April 2nd): #whatveganseat
  3. Thursday (April 3rd): #whatvegansdrink
  4. Friday (April 4th): #whatvegansputontheirface
  5. Saturday (April 5th): #whatveganssnackon
  6. Sunday (April 6th): #whatveganseatforbreakfast
  7. Monday (April 7th): #whatsinmyveganbag

Of course I am super excited to participate, since I haven’t been able to enter any Instragram contests for over a year now (you can read the weird story here).

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