Seahawks Inspired Makeup Ideas


Here’s a few cruelty-free, all vegan, makeup ideas and inspiration to show some Seattle pride for the Super Bowl XLIV game. I can’t believe that I get to write another Seahawks inspired posts this year (see last year’s post). I don’t usually watch sports—meaning I don’t watch or play them at all—but I’m super excited for the game!

Last year I was sick with the flu, so I barely had enough energy to huddle in a blanket at my monitor (we’re cord cutters). This year it looks like I will be illness-free and I can dress up a bit for the Super Bowl.

Unfortunately, I don’t have a whole lot of blue or lime green makeup products. Blue eyeshadow, at least, reminds me too much of the 80s and early 90s, and greens don’t look good on me. But I’ve amassed enough products to look suitably hawkish for the game, colorwise.

Nail Polish

Seattle Seahawks inspired nail polish options

Besides the vintage Wet n Wild Chrome Nail polish in Grew Up in Cobalt-imore and I Got a New Com-pewter, the L.A. Colors Color Craze Nail Polish in Wired (currently available at Family Dollar Stores) and the Wet n Wild Fantasy Makers Nail Color in Roach Busters (from the Halloween 2014 collection) also work well together and may be slightly more accurate.

If you’re looking for a deeper blue, the e.l.f. Nail Polish in Dark Navy is another alternative.


Seattle Seahawks inspired eyeshadow options

The Wet n Wild Idol Eyes Creme Shadow Pencils in Distress and Envy are great shadow options. Not only do they wear nicely, they are also widely available at drugstores.

I like the e.l.f. Essential Duo Eye Shadow Cream in Olive and this vintage matte Urban Decay shadow in Chronic (purchased well before the whole L’Oreal acquisition incident) for some green shadow options.

Since I don’t have a lot of blues and greens, I’ve been looking at various palettes for inspirations. e.l.f., as always, has several good options.

Sugarkiss by e.l.f. Beauty Book: Bright Eyes Edition

I’ll most likely be sporting a couple of shades from the Sugarkiss by e.l.f. Beauty Book: Bright Eyes Edition for the game. Unfortunately, this limited edition palette is no longer available through Toys “R” Us.

e.l.f. Beauty School 2014 Eyeshadow Book in Chic

There have been several incarnations of this e.l.f. rainbow palette over the years. The version here is the Beauty School 2014 Eyeshadow Book in Chic. These shades are a little bolder and more saturated than the other options listed.

e.l.f. Holiday 2014 Makeup Journal

The e.l.f. Holiday 2014 Makeup Journal from Walgreens has a couple of blues and one lime green option, if you happened to pick it up during the past holiday season.

Profusion Shimmer Eye Palette

Another option that is not e.l.f. is the the Profusion Shimmer palette I picked up last month as part of the 2014 Holiday promotion at Walgreens. There are several options for both blues and greens on the right-hand side of the palette.

I maed dis.

Not makeup, but I’m proud of this hat that I knit for the game (and whenever). The basic hat pattern is from Jana Falls, with the Seahawks design by me.

So, Seahawks fans, what vegan-friendly cosmetics options are you wearing to support Seattle?