e.l.f. Essential Lip Balm Tint {Review}

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Rating: 4/5 stars ★★★★☆
Price Tag: $2 USD
Shades Available: 6 shades
Weight: 0.141 oz / 4.0 g
Where to Buy: In Target and Walgreens stores, online at eyeslipsface.com

Select shades of these little Essential Lip Balm Tints by e.l.f. are currently available in stores like Walgreens and Target. I have acquired a bunch of them because I keep finding them at Walgreens for 50¢ and 25¢ (look after Christmas in the clearance section).

Like all e.l.f. cosmetics products, the lip balms are cruelty-free and vegan.

e.l.f. Essential Lip Balm Tints


The permanent line lip tints are packaged in small, clear plastic jars topped with the signature Essential line white lids. Overall the jars are durable and easy to use. The shade names are printed on small, silver dot stickers awkwardly located on the sides of the jars.

Packaging of the e.l.f. Essential Lip Balm Tints

There is a limited edition version of Berry that was part of the Walgreens limited edition e.l.f. Disney Princess Snow White collection. That Lip Balm Tint features a completely clear plastic jar—the same size as the permanent versions—and a picture of Snow White printed on the lid. The shade dot sticker is located on the bottom of the jar.


The tints are surprisingly not sticky, or about as not sticky as lip glosses go.

The moisturizing formula of the lip tint lasts longer than most glosses I’ve tried. I’ve fallen asleep while wearing the balms and woken up a few hours later with them still there, color included. Normally I find that traditional lip balms wear off faster for me.

While the Lip Balm Tints have good pigmentation, and are very moisturizing, I rarely reached for the balms until I started testing them for this review. I’m just not a fan of the jar packaging for lip products. Too messy for my liking. Due to this, I generally apply the balms with a lip brush since I don’t like the sticky feeling they leave behind on my fingers.


At six shades total, there is a fair amount of variety available. While the original four were a creme gloss, the two new shades have a shimmer/metallic finish. Most of the shade names—particularly the originals—are bland, yet descriptively accurate.

Swatches of the e.l.f. Essential Lip Balm Tints in Pink Princess, Rosy Rocker, Nude, Peach, Grapefruit, and Berry.

Pink Princess [Shimmer]

One of the new shades. Unlike the original shades, Pink Princess unfortunately lacks the same level of pigmentation. The color can, however, be built up in layers.

This is a neutral pink shade with a pearl/shimmer finish. Due to the sheer nature of the color, it probably shows up best on those with lighter skin tones.

Rosy Rocker [Shimmer]

Definitely one of the weakest pigmentation of the bunch, but like Pink Princess, can be built up in layers. This darker neutral pink sports a hint of mauve. I thought it was too light when I first tried it, but Rosy Rocker has grown on me.


Like the two above, this shade probably works best on those with lighter skin tones. Unlike a lot of nude shades that lean brown, this nude color has more of a peach undertone. I find it gives me a MLBB look.

The pigmentation is the lightest of the original shades, but still fairly pigmented for a lip tint.

Bottoms of the e.l.f. Essential Lip Balm Tint jars.


A lovely peach shade, as the name indicates, with good pigmentation. It’s not as orange in person as it shows up in the photos I took. The shade should work fine on those with fair to medium skin tones, particularly those with warm undertones.


I’d describe Grapefruit as a coral shade. It is similar to Peach, but with more pronounced reddish undertones and higher pigmentation. It should definitely show up on fair to medium skin tones just fine.


This is a berry shade with very high pigmentation and should show well on all skin tones.

I wear this shade least because I personally find this shade to be a little too dark for me, and it doesn’t work as well with my skin’s warm undertones.

Berry was also included in the LE Disney Princess Snow White lip collection. This version is shown in most of the photos for my review. It is identical to the permanent line.


Final Thoughts

Pros: Good pigmentation, variety of shades, long-lasting moisturizing formula, budget price
Cons: Messy jar format, could have more shade/finish options

Though I was initially turned off by the jar format, I often find myself reaching for these Essential Lip Balm Tints. They offer great color pigmentation and a super moisturizing formula at a budget price.

My favorite shades are Nude and Princess Pink. They both work very well for me to create a natural look, while still offering a fair amount of coverage.