Pacifica Aquarian Gaze Mineral Mascara {Review}

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Rating: 5/5 stars
Price Tag: $14 USD
Shades Available: 2 shades
Weight: 0.25 oz / 7.1 g
Where to Buy: In Target stores; online at

The cruelty-free Aquarian Gaze Mineral Mascara by Pacifica is one of the best vegan mascaras around—and I’ve definitely tried my fair share.


The mascara is packaged in a white plastic tube with a silicone wand. The tube features robin’s egg blue, wave-like swirls, while the base sports similar swirls and label information, but in gold foil. Like many e.l.f. products, the gold printing on the tube has worn off with repeated use.

Pacifica Beach Ready Natural Beauty Set

The tube is a little clunkier than I like, but still a standard size. Mascara tubes in general trend to be unnecessarily bulky.


The Aquarian Gaze has a helpful water resistant formula. The product applies well for a more natural look. I don’t like spider webby lashes so I generally use only one coat to avoid too much lash separation.

Overall the formula is is not clumpy and makes lashes look thicker and longer. I don’t need to use a lash brush to get rid of clumps. I can just apply and move onto to the rest of my makeup. I have somewhat thin lashes and this product does a good job emphasizing what I have.

I don’t experience much flaking, maybe a few here or there, even after 10 hours or longer.

Fortunately, the product isn’t too difficult to remove. An average makeup wipe, makeup remove, or cleanser should do the trick. I usually compare the ease of removing mascara to the e.l.f. Studio 3-in-1 Mascara, the most difficult to remove mascara I’ve ever tried. The Aquarian Gaze mascara is much easier to remove by comparison.


The mascara sports a silicon wand. I like these kinds of silicone wands over the traditional fibrous wands. I prefer the way the silicone deposits product onto my lashes. I think it does a better job of coating all of my lashes than a traditional wand.

Mascara Silicone Wand Comparison

The wand is slightly shorter and thicker in the middle than compared to my favorite vegan mascara, the e.l.f. Studio Mineral INFUSED mascara. The Aquarian Gaze wand is shaped more like an oval, whereas the e.l.f. version is more like an elongated triangle.

Like most mascaras, it’s a good idea to wiggle the wand while applying to get the product deep into the lashes. This will coat and define them better.


The Aquarian Gaze mascara comes in two shades: a black, Abyss and a navy, Deep.


I received Abyss with the Pacifica Beach Ready Natural Beauty Set I purchased. Abyss seems kind of like a heavy name for a mascara shade.

The color is an average shade of black. Not much else to say.


Final Thoughts

Pros: Waterproof formula, lengthening, little flaking, widely available
Cons: Bulky packaging, label rubs off with use

The Pacifica Aquarian Gaze Mineral Mascara is a good, budget natural mascara. I still prefer the e.l.f. Studio Mineral INFUSED Mascara, but for those looking for a greener vegan option with less synthetic and petroleum by-products, this mascara is the way to go. It’s also conveniently widely available at Target. Plus, it’s water resistant, whereas the e.l.f. mascara is not.

While I hesitate to get attached to other natural mascaras that are in the $25+ range, fourteen dollars isn’t so bad when considering replacing the mascara the recommended every three months.

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