e.l.f. Arrives at Target


Or so I’ve heard.

Last year, I read speculations that e.l.f. would introduce it’s full line to Target Stores in April 2010, but apparently that date got pushed up to March.

I ran to my local Target last night, but didn’t find anything. :sidefrown: I did, however, read a response on e.l.f.’s Twitter account that basically said Targets will carry their products starting in March, it’s just a matter of time. There’s still half a month left, but I’m getting antsy. :victory:

You can read more about what products to expect at all Targets in March at this Nouveau Cheap blog entry. To summarize, it appears that Target will carry products from both the main e.l.f. and Studio lines, with the former taking up roughly 2/3 of the display. I also noticed that Target gets special edition packaging on the main e.l.f. line.

Exciting stuff!