Everyday Minerals Reissue Party {ENDED}


Everyday Minerals has just launched another Reissue Party for five previously discontinued shades. There are three eyeshadows, one blush and one lucent face powder.

The event starts today, March 18 and ends on March 21.

The eyeshadows are Pots & Pans, Ping Pong and Thank You. I have Pots & Pans, a light pink shade with an iridescent, purple shimmer. It’s pretty, though sometimes I don’t really like the purple shine. I must be out of the loop, since didn’t know it had been discontinued.

I would absolutely love to buy Ping Pong, a very pretty shimmery pink shade that I have heard lots of great things from EDM users. Too bad I don’t currently have the funds for an EDM order at the moment. 😕

The last shadow, Thank You, is a very dark, nearly red shade. I’ve never seen or heard of it, but it’s awfully pigmented. The EDM site calls it rose, but methinks there is too much orange to be a true rose colour.

The Light Peach Lucent Face Powder looks absolutely gorgeous.

The blush, Siesta, is a fairly pigmented, matte peach shade. Personally, I’m not into the peach blushes, but I know a lot of EDM customers are, so it’s nice to see EDM bringing back more of these colours.

I’m hoping to make a large EDM order in the next few weeks, so the timing on this reissue event kills me. :heh: