New Swatches + Product Photos Uploaded


Yes, it’s been awhile. A lot has happened over the past few months, so I haven’t had the time to update teh {makeupfu} blog. I recently made an e.l.f. order during their 60% off anniversary sale, so as I’m waiting for the haul to arrive I figured I’d upload some swatches and a review for my Everyday Minerals birthday haul. The swatches/product photos are already uploaded; stay tuned for the upcoming detailed review.

I’ve long neglected Everyday Minerals in my blog, though I own an obscene amount of their products. I’ve attempted to rectify this by swatching most of the products I have. I’m not really happy with how they turned out (I really dislike my current camera), but hopefully they will be useful to someone. Not all of the images are uploaded yet, because I just have to re-edit a few.

The swatches have taken me a couple of weeks to complete, due to photographing, editing, retaking, editing and retaking once more (bleh). I’ve been plagued with dreary weather for weeks and in that time discovered that I absolutely must take the photos outside in sunny areas if I hope to get a halfway decent image. I originally used a brush to dab the product on my inner arm, but the camera had difficulty discerning the powders, especially when they were neutral or light. Eventually, I figured out that using my finger to dab the powder onto the skin got me a much thicker (and visible) coating.

Two of the big updates are to the e.l.f. Swatches Gallery and Everyday Minerals Swatches Gallery. A couple of the other major updates are to the Everyday Minerals Face Gallery and Everyday Minerals Eyeshadow Gallery.