MUA Everyday Minerals Eyeshadow Swap {Review}

Pros: Good quality mineral eyeshadow and liner
Cons: Already own similar shades to both

For my second swap through MakeupAlley (MUA), I traded for an eyeshadow and a liner. Both are manufactured by Everyday Minerals (EDM). The shadow, Eco-Friendly, I had wanted to try for some time, while the liner, Sweet Woodruff, I wasn’t too familiar with but thought I’d give a try.

I know I’m going out of order with my reviews, but just go with it until I’m caught up. (^__~)

Eco-Friendly (shimmer)

I had really wanted to try Eco-Friendly, so much so that it was one of the first items on my MUA wish list. For those of you unfamiliar with the shade, Eco-Friendly is a pale, shimmery green. It was discontinued by Everyday Minerals, hence its appearance on my wish list.

Despite my interest in the shade, I don’t like it as much as I’d hoped. It’s a slightly bluer green than Pressed Olive, while lighter and slightly greener than That’s Super Keen. It’s also reminiscent of Silk Natural’s Sizzle. Maybe light, shimmery greens don’t suit me. (=_=) I suppose I’ll continue the quest for my perfect green.

Everyday Minerals Swatches in Gold, Green & Grey Eyeshadows:
Oasis, That’s Super Keen, Eco-Friendly, Pressed Olive, Postcards, Sweet Woodruff, and Smokey

I still kind of want to try the similar Glass Bottom Boat, also discontinued by Everyday Minerals, but I fear a similar outcome awaits me.

Sweet Woodruff (pearl)

I hadn’t paid much attention to Sweet Woodruff, but i was offered it with Weeping Willow in addition to Eco-Friendly. Having no need for a deep blue eyeshadow, I only took Sweet Woodruff.

Everyday Minerals Gold, Green & Grey Eyeshadows:
Oasis, That’s Super Keen, Eco-Friendly, Pressed Olive, Postcards, Sweet Woodruff, and Smokey

From the reviews I’d read, I thought it would be more of a sparkly dark grey. In person, it looks like Smokey, an EDM eyeliner. If you look very closely, you can see that Sweet Woodruff is dark charcoal grey, not black, with a tiny bit of shimmer. We’re talking Postcards level of shimmer, so not much.

At first, I thought it was supposed to be eyeshadow and it looked terrible on my pale eyelids. Personally, I don’t think mineral eyeshadow works as well as pressed shadows for smoky eye looks due to consistency issues, but that’s a different matter. Once I went back to the EDM website and realized Sweet Woodruff was intended as an eyeliner, I was much more pleased with it. I still don’t see much difference between it and Smoky, but I’ve decided to keep it.

Bottom Line

I’ve gotta give both a meh. I’m keeping both—for the moment—but I had hoped for better.