Epically Epic Soap Co. Mini Haul

This is my second purchase from Epically Epic Soap Co., an independent company found on Etsy. My first review on Epically Epic can be found here.

I took advantage of a 10% discount code in July and ordered a lip balm trio and another roll on perfume oil.

Lip Balm Trio

For this set, I picked up Red Velvet Cake (I regretted not ordering it up last time), Guava Pie and Bullfrog Cherry. The trio arrived in a latte natural kraft finish box with a company label on top and wrapped in green raffia. Very cute for gift giving. Inside the box, the three tints rest on a bit of fluff, like that found in jewelry boxes, covered with a little rectangular sheet of tissue paper. The labeling on the lip tins is clear and easy to read, like all of the Epically Epic packaging.

Epically Epic Soap Co. Lip Trio gift set in Guava Pie, Red Velvet Cake and Bullfrog Cherry

The lip balm formula is the same for all of the lip tints, but the the flavor strength and colour payoff differ. I didn’t have much opinion on the lip balm base the first time I ordered lip tints from Epically Epic, but over time have fallen in love with the formula. I’ve started judging all other brands of balms/tints to these.

Epically Epic Soap Co. Lip Trio in Red Velvet Cake, Guava Pie and Bullfrog Cherry

The image above is an accurate representation of how the lip tints appear in person. All of the tints apply sheer, even those with lots of colour payoff.

Epically Epic Soap Co. Lip Trio swatches in Bullfrog Cherry, Guava Pie and Red Velvet Cake

Red Velvet Cake

In retrospect, I should have ordered this lip tint in place of Passionfruit Rose, a shade I don’t wear too often. Red Velvet Cake is very red with great colour payoff. By far the most of those I’ve tried, with the second being Chai Tea. The scent smells just like cake too, a positive or negative trait depending on one’s perspective!

I think it’s really yummy and I find that the colour is a very mature shade. I don’t mean “mature” to be “old lady” or anything; more that it’s suited for…women in their thirties…like me.

Which brings me to…

Guava Pie

I’m going to call this one Barbie pink. Perfect for younger women. It’s a light, bright, near fuchsia shade of pink with lots of white or silver shimmer. There are lots of cool undertones here, so warmer skin tones beware.

Guava Pie probably works best on those with fairer skin tones. I’m not sure how well it will show up on everyone else and there is a chance it will lighten the lip natural colour.

The flavor is fairly strong and tastes more like candy, but not so much guava.

Bullfrog Cherry

What a great colour! I love this one. Bullfrog Cherry is the warmer sister to Guava Pie. Both shades have a similar colour payoff and shimmer level.

I would prefer a slightly better colour payoff, but as a whole, Bullfrog Cherry is a great warm-to-neutral shade with warm shimmer. Again, like Guava Pie, it’s probably best suited to those with fairer skin tones. And the flavor is lovely; very reminiscent of cherries and not too strong.

Roll On Perfume in Caribbean Sea

I always think of the Enya song when I look at this perfume.

Epically Epic Soap Co. Roll On Perfume in Caribbean Sea

The roll on perfumes from Epically Epic come packaged in a clear glass tube with a glass rollerball, topped with a hard plastic lid. Last time Goth Girl had a white hard plastic lid, but I think the supplier was out of stock when I ordered this time around and I received a shiny black plastic lid. Both perfumes I have purchased have well designed labels with easy to read information. Each container contains a generous amount of perfume. I haven’t had any problems with the container leaking with either roll on perfume I ordered. The fragrance glides easily onto the skin and consists of fragrance oils and a variety of oils. The perfume can be a bit oily (surprise) when applied to the skin, so be careful when used around clothing.

After a very good experience with the Goth Girl roll on perfume, I wanted to try a different scent. I was interested in the Epically Epic named Volcano Goddess, if I recall correctly. It sounds like a warm perfume similar to what I usually wear. I tried to get it back in April after payday and lost my chance. That was right before the pregnancy announcement at Epically Epic. Since then, Volcano Goddess has never been offered again.

After looking over the limited selections, I thought I would give Caribbean Sea a chance. Unfortunately, this scent isn’t my cup of tea. I’m not sure if the fragrance oils or the patchouli oil is the culprit, but there is a sharp edge to the scent. And the perfume is very strong. Too strong for my liking.

I tried Caribbean Sea several times. I really wanted it to work out, but just couldn’t get used to the scent. On the positive side, my husband does like it, so I’ve gifted it to him.


Final Thoughts:

Pros: Wonderful lip balm base, great lip tint shades, products well packaged and clearly labeled
Cons: Perfume oil is very strong, lip tints could have stronger colour payoff

I’m very pleased with all three lip tints I ordered. The payoff was consistently better to the previous tints I bought. Red Velvet Cake and Bullfrog Cherry are my favourites of the three, with the latter being wearable for me on a daily basis.

The roll on perfume, on the other hand, was a bust this time around. I’m not sure if it’s because of the formulation, the patchouli, or some other culprit. I’ve had one positive experience and one…not so much. However, I’m still willing to try other roll on perfumes in the future.