e.l.f. on Clearance @ Hyvee Stores

This post contains affiliate links I always have to check for new e.l.f. products when I’m at my local Hyvee store. For those who don’t know, Hyvee is a Midwestern grocery chain, and also the most prominent grocery-only store in Iowa.

While I didn’t find anything new at the Lindale location (Cedar Rapids, IA), I did find a bunch of e.l.f. Studio products being clearanced for $2 USD, as well as a couple of e.l.f. Essential items.

It’s not clear if all Hyvee e.l.f. displays have clearance items or if it is only this store. I guess I’ll have to check the other local Hyvee store.

I can’t wait to see which products replace the clearanced items. I’m hoping Hyvee will stock some of the newly released e.l.f. products like the Studio HD Mattifying Cream Foundation and baked highlighters/blushes.

Below is not a comprehensive list. Unfortunately my phone was dead so I was unable to take pictures and had to remember to note later which products were on clearance.

e.l.f. Studio clearanced for $2.00
  • Pigment Eyeshadow–all shades
  • Matte Eyeshadow–all shades
  • Radiance Enhancer in Sunrise and Golden only
  • Eyebrow Kit in Ash only
  • Eyeshadow Transformer
  • Blush in Peachy Keen only
  • Eyeshadow in Amethyst
e.l.f. Essential clearanced for $0.80
  • Custom Compact with Mirror
  • Custom Eyes Refill Pan in Mocha