Wet n Wild Fantasy Makers @ CVS {Spotted}

After a couple weeks of searching for the Wet n Wild Fantasy Makers collection, I finally found a teeny-tiny display at my local (Cedar Rapids) CVS. Judging by their placement, the Halloween makeup is lower priority than Suave lotions. I’m still planning to search the other drugstores and Kmart, but I was happy to find any Fantasy Makers display.

Wet n Wild Fatasy Makers Display at CVS

Wet n Wild Fatasy Makers Display at CVS

Like I said, it was a really small display compared to what I’ve seen online. I picked up the black tombstone nail polish in Darkest Hour. It looks like there was another color earlier, but I only found two polishes total. I’m still looking for the glow in the dark polish that I couldn’t find last year.

The bad news is that next to nothin’ is vegan.

The ingredients listing is really tiny, so I stopped reading when I found one non-vegan ingredient. These products could also have lanolin and/or carmine.

Here’s the list:

  • Tombstone Nail polish [vegan]
  • Glitter Gel (Clear) [vegan]
  • Bewitching Eyes Fake Lashes [vegan]
  • Lipsticks [beeswax]
  • Body Crayon [beeswax]
  • Bewitchingly Hip Stencil Kits [beeswax]