e.l.f. Sugarkiss @ Toys “R” Us

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e.l.f. Sugarkiss Makeup Clutch Palette at Toys “R” Us

Wow. My mind’s been blown. The e.l.f. Sugarkiss line is alive and kicking at Toys “R” Us. e.l.f. is of course cruelty-free and mostly vegan (watch out for brushes with natural bristles).

I was surfing through eBay yesterday, hoping to find some limited edition e.l.f. products I had missed over the year. I spotted a strange bright blue/yellow Eyeshadow Duo. I searched around the Internets but couldn’t find any limited edition sets that contained this eyeshadow duo. I looked at product description, like I should have done in the first place, and discovered it was a Toys “R” Us product.

I thought that was kinda weird.

Back in January, I spotted a bright pink version of the Studio Makeup Clutch Palette in the girl’s section at Toys “R” Us. Now, I have two boys and never spend any time in the “pink aisles”. I just happened to be looking for Rapunzel Squinkies (I needed Eugene!) when I spotted the palette on an end display. I was equally surprised to see that 1) e.l.f. in Toys “R” Us and 2) the Sugarkiss line wasn’t dead.

For those of you not as obsessed with e.l.f. as I am, Sugarkiss was an e.l.f. line aimed at tweens/young teens. It was mostly filled with your standard fare of low-pigmented, glittery lip glosses and nail polishes, all with flowers and junk. I think it was discontinued about two years ago, although it randomly appeared on Haute Look a while back.

At the time, I thought the Makeup Clutch Palette was left over from Christmas. And I didn’t see any other e.l.f. products.

Fast forward to yesterday when I discovered a few brightly colored e.l.f. products that I’d never ever seen before selling on eBay by Toys “R” Us. I decided I needed to head over to ToysRUs.com and see what was up.

Screenshot of toysrus.com showing available e.l.f. Sugarkiss products

I nearly fell out of my chair. There are 23 exclusive e.l.f./Sugarkiss products at Toys “R” Us, almost all bright and vivid products. Some products, like the Super Glossy Lip Shines and Eyeshadow Duos, are more expensive than the usual $1 USD price tag, coming in at $1.99 USD.

e.l.f. Super Glossy Lip Shines in Groovy Grape Swirl and Cream Brulee

This does explain why I found a bunch of limited edition, silver-capped at Walgreens. I had assumed they were leftovers from Christmas promotions even though I hadn’t seen any thing like them at Target. My glosses don’t have Sugarkiss on the label, but I’m convinced they’re related. Update: Or I could be completely wrong and the SGLS were Walgreen stocking stuffer exclusives for Winter 2012 all along. I’ve now found a couple blog posts on the subject.

e.l.f. Sugarkiss Products on ToysRUs.com

Toys “R” Us has a suggested age of 9-11 for all of the e.l.f. products. Uh, sure, Toys “R” Us. I’m totally fine with my imaginary daughter wearing bright pink and navy blue eyeshadow. /sarcasm

By the way, Toys “R” Us has these products under “Pretend Play & Dress Up” (while some e.l.f. products are in this section, most are in the “Tween” section). Uh huh.

Look at that awesome Rainbow Super Glossy Lip Shine
Screenshot of toysrus.com showing e.l.f. Sugarkiss

Here’s what I’ve found that is currently available through ToysRUs.com:

  • 5 shades of Super Glossy Lip Shines [$1.99]
  • Super Glossy Lip Shine 4 Piece Set [$5.99]
  • 4 shades of Eyeshadow Duos [$1.99]
  • Eyeshadow Duo 4 Piece Set[$6.99]
  • 5 shades of Nail Polish [$1.99]
  • Half size Nail Polish Set of 5 shades [$4.99]
  • 100 Piece Palette (Marble version) [$12.99]
  • 2 types of Makeup Palette Clutch [$14.99]
  • Beauty Book in Bright Eyes [$4.99]
  • 5-Piece Brush Set (Essential line) [$6.99]
  • 10-Piece Set (3 shadows, 4 lip glosses, 3 applicators) [$9.99]

Money is tight at the moment, so I’ve resisted dashing off to Toys “R” Us. I will be getting that super duper rainbow Super Glossy Lip Shine‐that I know won’t be pigmented, but is so awesome—the Beauty Book, and possibly an Eyeshadow Duo. Depends on how they look in person. But definitely the first two. I have such a weakness for e.l.f. Beauty Books.

If my local Toys “R” Us doesn’t carry e.l.f., I guess I’ll be ordering online. The down side is that I can’t use an e.l.f. discount code.

As soon as I learn more I’ll either make a post on {makeupfu} or, more likely, a quick tweet. My Twitter handle is @makepfu, if you want to keep up with my latest posts. Or follow me on Instagram.

Differences between e.l.f. and e.l.f. Sugarkiss lines

The Makeup Clutch Palette I noted before is identical to the “normal” e.l.f one, only it is bright pink and has oddly replaced the brow powder with two additional lip glosses. Because eye brow powder is too grown up, but black eyeshadow isn’t?

There also appears to be two versions, both of which are $14.99 USD. There is an X-Large version with the dimensions of 9.4″ x 9.2″ x 1.1″ while the regular version is listed at 6.5″ x 4″ x 1″. I’m wondering if the two are actually different or there was just a mix up adding the products to the site.

The 100 Piece Palette has a large “Sugar Kiss” logo on the front as opposed to just the regular e.l.f. logo.

The Beauty Book also has the wording “sugarkiss by e.l.f.” on the top, unique Sugarkiss packaging, and has 12 freakin’ insanely vibrant colors. Too awesome.

Update: You can read my full review on the Beauty Book: Bright Eyes Edition here.