Wet n Wild Sightings @ Kmart & Walgreens {Spotted}

I have seen bunches of interesting Wet n Wild limited edition products at Kmart and Walgreens this past week. Here’s the rundown of what I’ve found.


My Cedar Rapids Kmart rarely gets any good displays. I think it’s only gotten worse since the other Kmart in town closed a couple of years ago. I went hoping to score some Halloween Fantasy Makers products (info at Nouveau Cheap), but was out of luck there.

I did see a small Wet n Wild Tough Girl limited edition nail polish display right at the front of the beauty section. The polishes are $3.99 USD, which seems a bit pricey to me for WnW. I didn’t notice anything different about them, but they might be textured?

I was surprised to see a bunch of Pop Art Craze ColorIcon products, most notably the crazy neon Wild Shine nail polishes for a buck (check out this post on Nouveau Cheap). They are interesting, but not colors I would normally wear. I think Kmart had the eyeshadow trios, but since I know they aren’t vegan, I wasn’t looking too closely. These were oddly placed on an end cap display in the fragrance section.


I also found some Pop Art Craze ColorIcon eyeshadow trios at one of my local Walgreens (1st Ave SE, Cedar Rapids).

No Pop Art Craze nail polishes, but I did find a picked over display of ColorIcon Toppings nail polish (more info at Nouveau Cheap). I bought two a few months ago at Kmart and was surprised to see them now at Walgreens. Pretty sure that promotion is over. The UPC sticker on the display had the word “BACKUP”, so maybe Walgreens ran out of other stuff to display.

There were also some sets of mini Fergie CenterStage polishes—maybe 8 or 10 per box—as well as a Fast Dry/Wild Shine collection with half of the eight or ten polishes from each collection. I think both were around $5.

All of the Wet n Wild limited edition products were found in the front promotional area of the beauty section.

Hope this helps!