Blum Naturals Daily Dry/Sensitive Skin Towelettes {Review}

Pros: Strong makeup removing power, non-drying, organic ingredients, large sized
Cons: Astringent scent, kind of pricey

Another product review for my recent T.J.Maxx haul (not originally pictured). I paid $3.99 USD for the wipes, though they seem to retail for around $5-$7.

I typically wash my face after using a facial cleansing cloth. My face dries out a bit more when using wipes, even when I apply moisturizer. Washing with a cream cleanser afterwards helps to rehydrate my skin before moisturizing. I usually don’t feel like my face is super clean either. I’ll have remnants of shadow everywhere. Then again, I generally use low end facial wipes. When I found the Blum Naturals Towelettes I was excited to try a higher end product.

I did a little researching while writing this article to see if it’s recommended to wash your face after using a facial cleansing cloth. As an aside, there is so much contradictory information involving face washing routines. Anyway, I found this article on entitled, “Are You Using Cleansing Wipes Incorrectly?“, that says it’s okay to just use a wipe before bed as long as you use them correctly.


Price: $3.99 USD (T.J.Maxx)
Where to Purchase: T.J.Maxx stores,

Blum Naturals currently has five types of Daily Cleansing Towelettes available: Daily Combination/Oily, Daily Exfoliating, Daily Pro Age, Daily Normal Skin, and Daily Dry/Sensitive Skin Towelettes.

I purchased the Daily Dry/Sensitive Skin Towelettes from T.J.Maxx. I think there was only the one package left.

Aside from being plant-derived, the Daily Cleansing Towelettes are paraben and alcohol free, and NSF certified to contain at least 70% organic ingredients. Besides directing one to use the towelettes on the face and neck, there is nothing further suggesting to follow up with face wash, toner, moisturizer, etc.

The company also sells a lot of other wipe products. There are travel-friendly versions, eye makeup remover wipes and general wipes, to name a few.


I prefer these flip-top lids as opposed to the wipes that come with the traditional resealable sticker. I hate having a pack of facial wipes only to have them dry out right after I bought them. Otherwise, the towelettes are packaged in traditional wipe packaging, comparable in size to baby wipes.


Each pack contains 30 textured towelettes. Each is generously sized and the texture is nice and exfoliating. I don’t think they are the thickest wipes around, but they are ample enough for the job.


The only drawback to the Daily Cleansing Towelettes is the astringent scent. Otherwise, I find the towelettes to work extremely well. I’ve mostly used dollar store and e.l.f. Essential makeup wipes in the past, both of which are okay, but not great. These towelettes, on the hand, take off my eye makeup so quickly and easily, without scrubbing. I am able to remove both my eye and face makeup with one towelette.

I’m happy Blum Naturals makes a dry skin version because this is exactly what I need. My face feels nice and clean after using without being overly drying or sticky. If I’m really tired, I’ll maybe apply some rosewater, followed by my moisturizing routine.


Final Thoughts

I highly recommend purchasing these towelettes. They are perfect for both removing makeup–even stubborn eye makeup—and cleansing before bed.

And if you don’t have dry skin, Blum Naturals sells four other types of Daily Cleansing Towelettes for a range of skin types. You should be covered.