Samples with Order {Review}

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One of the perks with ordering through is that you get to pick three samples. I recently got to pick the samples on my recent Lavera Beauty Balm purchase.

Different from most makeup companies is that many of these samples are actually vegan. I know I’ve received bunches of samples from sites like Urban Decay that weren’t vegan. As an additional plus, the vegan samples on are already labeled so you don’t have to hunt down the full size versions to double check.

You can see what’s currently available in samples land. You’ll be allowed to select the desired packets during the checkout process.

I like that I get the option to choose my own samples. For instance, I was really interested in both the benecos and Lavera foundations, but wasn’t sure about the shades. I was able to get samples for both to compare.

Lavera 24HR Moisturizing Cream in Wild Rose

Rating: N/A
Full Size Cost: $36.50 USD
Weight: 1 oz
Where to Purchase:

After my positive experiences with the benecos Day Cream Q10 (read more here) and True Natural Anti-Aging Rose Night Cream, I wanted to try other moisturizers from

But I haven’t actually tried this one because I’m saving up my sample packs for traveling (whenever that may be)…

benecos Creamy Foundation in Nude

Rating: 3 / 5 stars ★★★☆☆
Full Size Cost: $17.99
Weight: 1 oz
Where to Purchase:

Both of the foundations were packaged in what I believe are 3g jars, like those used for mineral makeup. I can definitely reuse these when they’re empty. There’s about enough foundation for at least 1-2 applications.

I’m a bit confused why this foundation contains the word “creamy” in the title, but the product listing says it’s for normal to oily skin types.

Anyway, I requested the benecos Creamy Foundation in Nude and it appeared to be spot on with my skin tone. It’s neutral to warm without strong yellow undertones.

I moisturized once, then applied the foundation.

Right away I noticed that this is not a particularly hydrating foundation. I could definitely add a bit to my moisturizer to make a tinted moisturizer, but I can’t wear it as is. The color also turned out to be a little lighter and cooler than I am.

The benecos Creamy Foundation has a matte finish and a strong, medicinal scent.


Swatches of benecos Creamy Foundation in Nude and Lavera Natural Liquid Foundation in Porcelain No. 1

Lavera Natural Liquid Foundation in Porcelain No. 1

Rating: 4 / 5 stars ★★★★☆
Full Size Cost: $26.00
Weight: 1 oz
Where to Purchase:

The Lavera Natural Liquid Foundation has a pronounced yellow undertone. It oxidized to a fairly dark color while I was swatching, though it didn’t seem to darken my face.

As before, I moisturized once, then applied the foundation.

This foundation is really thick, closer to a creme, and leaves a dewy finish. It also contains argan oil. Argan oil is the latest beauty buzz ingredient for hydrating the skin. Scent wise, there is what I think is a botanical scent. I can definitely tell fragrance has been added.

I’m surprised, but it works quite well considering both the formula and shade, despite the yellowish swatches. Even though the foundation is super thick, it feels very lightweight on my skin. But that could be because I have very dry skin.

I think the Lavera Natural Liquid Foundation would work well for a lot of skin types, though those with oily skins should probably stay away. There are healthy amounts of olive, safflower, jojoba and coconut oil.


Final Thoughts

I’m happy with the samples I received and I’m grateful that allows me to pick which samples are right for me.

I almost want to place another order just so I can pick up some more sample sachets.

And now I need to stop applying foundation because my face is starting to revolt.