True Beauty Box Update

The Beauty Box



It’s official: True Beauty Box is now shipping every other month. True Beauty Box finally got around to emailing the new terms of service yesterday.

The mailer started off with “It’s time for a summer break”, which I found amusing. The next box will be shipped in September.

The email says the service is now $15 USD/month, but that’s a bit misleading. You still get charged $30 USD on the 17th of the month the Veganista box is actually shipped and the Indulge box appears to remain at $40 USD/mo.

The mailer says the Flirt and Veganista boxes have merged, but in reality, the former was discontinued. If anything, it appears the Flirt and Indulge boxes have merged, though it’s still $40. Both plans promise at least three full size products in each box so…go with Veganista?

The email and website has addressed the 15% off thing, which I appreciate. Before I had commented that the discount was not a constant thing, but rather an occasional code. I had not realized that the code I received in July’s box is usable any time on the site.

I think. We’ll see if this is true in practice.

If true, this is great, because I’m seriously considering getting the True Natural Anti-Aging Rose Day Cream, but it’s nearly fifty bucks. Actually, I’ll probably wait for a sale. But anyway, I now know I can get the 15% discount any time I make an order through and apparently

By the way, I’m finally able to access I don’t know what happened, but I couldn’t access the site through Firefox. Mobile browsers were always fine.

While the email obviously puts a positive spin on things, I’m fairly certain the box has switched to bi-monthly service for two main reasons. First, I don’t believe that there are enough unique products to perpetually keep the TBB subscription going year after year. Having a bi-monthly service allows them breathing room and lowers the chances of redundancy. And with only three companies servicing the subscription, there’s always the risk of overlap.

Second, the more commonly subscribed to Flirt box had to be expensive. I’m not surprised in the least that it got cut. There’s also the problems with lack of colors. None of these companies are e.l.f. with its never ending introduction of shades and products.

I am pleased that TBB updated their FAQ. I had griped about that substantially in the past. They clarified shipping and what constitutes a goody.

We’ll see what happens in the future. I don’t foresee myself switching to another service any time soon, though I may add a second subscription. I have been happy in the past with TBB and I want to see how things play out.


I actually got a phone call–well, voice mail–today letting me know about the subscription changes. In a nutshell, this was a beneficial change that would save me money and allow to me to use up the products I already had before receiving the next TBB box. The agent also let me know that I was able to take advantage of the 15% discount on and gave me her direct extension for any help I might need when placing an order.

While I may not like the new terms, TBB is trying their hardest to make it right. The company has done a lot recently to smooth the transition. I only wished they had mentioned these changes a few weeks ago or gave us a few more cues that TBB was switching to bi-monthly subscription.