New e.l.f. Holiday 2013 Stocking Stuffers @ Walgreens {Spotted}

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New e.l.f. Holiday 2013 Stocking Stuffers {Spotted}

Walgreens stocking stuffer display showing two cubbies filled with e.l.f. products.

I was at Walgreens several nights ago and spotted a stocking stuffer display that had several e.l.f. items. It was in the same place that the Wet n Wild Fantasy Makers display was located, back in October.

There were tons of stuff in the display, but only three of the cubbies contained e.l.f. items: Super Glossy Lip Shines and seasonal hanging ornaments that contained a single e.l.f. product.

Walgreens mini haul

Super Glossy Lip Shines

I spotted three different varieties of the Essential Super Glossy Lip Shines (SGLS), two of which were the same as the ones I bought earlier this year. The main packaging difference between these LE holiday versions and the main line is the silver foil cap. I think the holiday versions do not contain SPF.

e.l.f. limited edition Super Glossy Lip Shines in Groovy Grape Swirl and Cream Brulee
from the e.l.f. 2012 holiday stocking stuffers promotion at Walgreens

One of the three SGLSs is a clear gloss with green holographic glitter, called Cream Brulee. It looks amazing in the tube, though not as awesome when applied. The other two are a pink, and a purple swirl glosses. I have the purple version, called Groovy Grape Swirl, though the pink one isn’t too different. Color payoff is not the greatest, but the swirls look really nifty in the tube.

The other tube lip glosses you see in the first photo are not from elf, but some other company I didn’t recognize, probably one that specializes in limited time, holiday promotions.

Hanging Ornaments

The hanging ornament products are interesting. I found a mish mash of e.l.f. Essential products, with little rhyme or reason to the selection. The ornaments are packaged in plastic cases, like those the elf Studio brushes come in, with a metallic gold foiled cardboard backing. There is a To: and From: on the top, but it seems a little impractical in practice. At the very least, you’ll need a Sharpie.

I spotted two Essential Jumbo Lip Gloss Sticks in Movie Star and In the Nude. I believe there were also some Essential Brightening Eye Liners (with sharpeners on the lids, like the Essential Glitter Eyeliners).

e.l.f. Essential Glitter Mascara in Silver

And finally, I found the Essential Glitter Mascara in Silver, which against my better judgement purchased. I have enough difficulty with glitter eyeliner irritating my eyes, that I don’t need any more glitter. At first I thought it was some super awesome new Essential Eyelid Primer, because they have the same packaging. I was a bit disappointed to find it was mascara.

It’s an odd product. The spool is really weird and tiny. I also had problems applying the mascara. It globbed up into tiny glitter balls on my lashes and didn’t coat very well. Then again, I’m not the best at mascara.

I only saw the Glitter Mascara in Silver at my Walgreens, but there is a chance that other shades may be available.