e.l.f. Holiday Sets @ T.J.Maxx {Spotted}

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e.l.f. Holiday Sets @ T.J.Maxx {Spotted}


I’m not sure if if was on Nouvea Cheap, but I read somewhere on the Internets that T.J.Maxx currently has tons of e.l.f. limited edition holiday sets. I haven’t had the best of luck with T.J.Maxx spottings, but decided it wouldn’t hurt to check.

Turns out my local T.J.Maxx did have tons of e.l.f. sets. The picture above is only 2/3 of one end cap display and there were two end caps full of e.l.f. I think I spotted probably two years worth of e.l.f. promotions, so about five or six different campaigns. I was really hoping to find last year’s snakeskin promotion at Target that I totally missed out on, but no dice.

e.l.f. LE Holiday Beauty Book: Natural Eye (Winter 2012)
and Desert Essence Organics Age Reversal Pomegranate Face Serum

Nothing really caught my eye until I found this Beauty Book. It has some lovely neutrals that I can’t wait to try. I think this Beauty Book was from either the Walgreens or Sears Winter 2012 promotion, judging by the design. I Googled, but couldn’t find any conclusive info.

While at T.J.Maxx, I also picked up a Desert Essence Organics Age Reversal Pomegranate Face Serum. I’m still working through my Nature’s Gate Organics Forget Your Lines Wrinkle Diffuser Serum that I purchased on another T.J.Maxx trip, so I haven’t tried it yet.