Mastering e.l.f. Sales: Getting the most out of your e.l.f. order

Mastering e.l.f. Sales


Sure, you could make an order to e.l.f. at any time. Even with the hefty $6.95 shipping fee, ordering from e.l.f. is cheap.

However, I am of the opinion that you should be a savvy shopper and take advantage of e.l.f.’s spectacular sales when they’re offered. Sure it means you have to wait a few months, and you do risk having the item you want be out of stock—particularly during the anniversary sale in July that run over a period of weeks, or the Black Friday/Cyber Monday sales. But finally scoring that baked eyeshadow palette for $5 is just satisfying.

Before e.l.f. was widely available in stores like Walgreens and Target, the company used to have the most amazing sales. Like 75% off mineral lipsticks, for example. While those days are long gone, there are still the 50% off Studio sales that are a regular occurrence.

Be a Savvy Elfette

e.l.f. is very clear about their discounts and they make it easy to keep up with the latest sales. Definitely sign up for the newsletter. You’ll be bombarded with several e-mails weekly, but you won’t miss out on any sales.

e.l.f. splash page with latest promotion

e.l.f. homepage with latest promotion

Even if you forget to check your e-mails before visiting the site, e.l.f. makes it easy to find the current sales. There is a large banner on the homepage that always lists the weekly sale, as well as promo section in the upper-right corner of the website.

e.l.f. page with promo box in upper right corner

e.l.f. page with promo box in upper right corner

Hover over that and you will find info on the current promotion, often a countdown clock, any exclusions, and the promo code to use.

The promo code box on e.l.f.'s checkout page

The promo code box on e.l.f.’s checkout page

e.l.f. almost always requires a promo code to be entered during checkout, so double-check your order total before finalizing the transaction.

Learn About New Products

Unlike many other companies, e.l.f. understands social media. They have an active Facebook page where you can learn about various promotions and new products.

If you want to learn about upcoming products, be sure follow e.l.f. on Instagram (@officialelfcosmetics).

Weekly Sales

e.l.f. has a different sale—sometimes several sales—every week.

Even when there is not a holiday, they still may have have 40% off sales, though more likely than not, it is a free shipping promotion on $15+ or $25+ orders.

Always remember to check the weekly promotion before ordering. You can find the latest codes on cosmetics blogs like {makeupfu} or on the official e.l.f. website.

Annual e.l.f. Sales

These are the big ones. These sales have been around for years and I don’t think they’ll stop anytime soon.

  • 50% Sitewide Anniversary Sale [early July]
  • 50% BOGO Black Friday [day after American Thanksgiving]
  • 50% Sitewide Cyber Monday [the Monday after American Thanksgiving]

If you are planning to order during the Black Friday/Cyber Monday sales, you may want to hold out for Cyber Monday. One year I made the mistake of ordering on Black Friday and kicked myself later. My husband did not understand my pain.

Please note that these annual sales are not guaranteed, but likely, based on several years of promotions.

Lesser Holiday Sales

There are other sales randomly connected to various holidays. The discounts have also been all over the place. Sometimes a 50% off Studio, or a BOGO Get 50% off (25% off individual items) deal, or just free shipping.

Sales in the past have included holidays such as:

Basically, if it is any kind of holiday, e.l.f. will use it as an excuse to have some type of promotion.

Again, these promotions are not guaranteed, but based on past sales.

Product Sales

Sometimes e.l.f. has product promotions when they place specific items on sale.

Below are a few examples of previous product promotions

  • Halloween Treasure Hunt
  • 50% off Studio brushes
  • 10 free Mineral Eyeshadows when you spend X dollars.
  • 50% off holiday sets

Hopefully, this article has shown you how to best plan for your future e.l.f. order. If you keep track of the latest promotions, you can maximize your dollars spent, as well as being able to try more fun e.l.f. products at a time.