Wet n Wild Vegan List

Wet n Wild Vegan List


See end of post for changelog.

There’s an FAQ link (located in the site footer) on the Wet n Wild (WnW) site that includes one question about vegan WnW products. The site promises that they are working towards making all of their products vegan in the future before beginning with the list of products that are vegan.

While WnW specifies which products contain carmine, they do not account for beeswax and lanolin. Quite a few so-called vegan products on the list contain one or both of these ingredients.

Don’t be discouraged. There are still a ton of vegan products by Wet n Wild! It’s great that there’s another easy to find animal-free products on the market to make veganism more accessible. I appreciate that WnW has gone out of their way and listed which products contain carmine, because it is useful. You just need to be aware that some products contain other animal-derived ingredients.

The list is now easier to find than in the past, and finally updated so we have a better idea of what’s truly vegan.

Taking the List with You

I keep my version of the list on Evernote so that I always have it with me on my phone. I’ve gone further, arranging the list numerically and using strikethrough on the products lines that aren’t vegan, like the Silk Finish Lipsticks, for ease of use.

I definitely recommend using a service like Evernote or Google Drive to access your vegan lists. It’s super helpful, easy to organize and immediately available to all your devices.

Of course, you can also simply print out the list.

Wet n Wild Vegan Products

I hadn’t intended to write up a vegan list for WnW, but realized the original was disorganized and inaccurate, depending on one’s perspective. Only the item numbers below should be carmine, beeswax, and lanolin free.

You can find the original vegan list on the Wet n Wild FAQ.

Main Product Line

  • 130, 131, 132, 134, 135: Idol Eyes Cream Shadow
  • 163A, 167: Ultimate Minerals Bronzer [all shades]
  • 175-178: Intuitive Blend Shade Adjusting Foundation [all shades]
  • 181A-184A: Ultimate Sheer Tinted Moisturizer [all shades]
  • 201B-218: MegaLast Nail Color [all shades]
  • 250A, 252B, 254B, 256B Color Icon Single Eyeshadow
  • 301A: Photo Focus Setting Spray
  • 309A-314A: Glassy Gloss Lip Gel [all shades]
  • 331, 380B, 385B: Color Icon Eyeshadow Trio
  • 351B–357B: Color Icon Glitter Single
  • 360S-373S: MegaShield SPF 15 Lip Color [362S, 363S, 368S not vegan]
  • 401A–454D: Wild Shine Nail Colors [all shades]
  • 402-489B: Wild Shine Nail Color [all shades]
  • 543B-559: MegaSlicks Lip Gloss [552B & 558B not vegan; CHECK INDIVIDUAL SHADES FOR LANOLIN/BEESWAX]
  • 718A-735A: 1 Step Wonder Gel
  • 739, 740, 743: Color Icon Bronzer SPF 15 [all shades]
  • 745-749: Natural Blend Mineral Foundation and Mineral Veil [all shades, may contain animal based bristles]
  • 749A–750A: MegaGlo Contouring Palette [formally the ColorIcon Contouring Palette]
  • 751A-752A: MegaGlo Dual-Ended Contour Stick
  • 815-820, 858: CoverAll Cream Foundation [all shades]
  • 821A, 823A-827A: Natural Blend Pressed Powder [822A not vegan]
  • 821B-828B: CoverAll Pressed Powder [821B, 826B & 827B not vegan]
  • 828B–829B: ColorIcon Blush [325B, 326B, 327B not vegan]
  • 850: CoverAll Primer
  • 851A: Photo Focus Eyeshadow Primer (Only a Matter of Prime) [Formally the Fergie CenterStage CA027: Take On the Day Eyeshadow Primer]
  • 852A-857A: Ultimate Match SPF 15 Foundation [all shades]
  • 875B–876B: ProLine Felt Tip Eyeliner
  • 877–878: ProLine Graphic Marker Eyeliner
  • 879–880: H20 Proof Liquid Liner
  • 886: MegaEyes Crème Eyeliner
  • 900B-919B: MegaLast Lip Color [all shades]
  • 920A-932A: MegaLast Liquid Lip Color [920A, 927A, 930A, 932A not vegan]
  • 963: Ultimate Brow Kit
  • A106-A110: Glam Maker 8-in-1 Beauty Balm SPF 15
  • A114–A116: Come Correct Celebrity Concealer [all shades]
  • A852: Take On the Day Mattifying Powder
  • CA130: On Edge Crème Eyeliner in Carbon My Reach [formally the Fergie CenterStage On Edge Crème Liner]
  • C170A-C172A: UltimateBrow Bow to the Brow Mascara [all shades]
  • C641B-C643B: Illumi-Naughty Highlighting and Concealing Pen
  • C781B, C782B, C783B, C784C, C785, C786, C787, C788, C789, C790, C791A, C792A, C793A, C794A, C795A, C796, C797: Vegan Brush Collection


Wet n Wild claims all mascaras are vegan except C148 Mega Impact Mascara and waterproof formulas. I have not found this to be true, so check for beeswax before purchasing.

  • C138/C647B: MegaVolume Mascara
  • C139/C892A: MegaLength Mascara
  • C144/C893A: MegaPlump Mascara
  • C149: MegaClear Mascara

Discontinued Product Lines

  • 221C-238C: Fast Dry Nail Polish [all shades]
  • 346, 348: MegaGlo Illuminating Powder
  • 490C-498: Mega Rocks Glitter Nail Color
  • 560A-562B, 576A-581A: MegaSlicks Lip Gloss
  • 832E-833E: ColorIcon Blusher [831E, 834E not vegan; may contain animal based bristles]
  • 861-863, 865-868: Mega Liner Liquid Eyeliner
  • C638: Dual Pencil Sharpener
  • C982B: Foundation Brush

Fergie CenterStage Collection [DISCONTINUED]

  • A001-A024: Fergie Nail Color [all shades]
  • A101-A105: Fergie BB Cream [all shades]
  • A111-A113: Fergie Come Correct Celebrity Concealer [all 3 shades]
  • A851: Fergie Take on the Day Mattifying Powder in Pedestal
  • CA025-CA026: On Edge Crème Liner [all shades]
  • CA027: Take On the Day Eyeshadow Primer

Unconfirmed Vegan Products

Below you’ll find products that are most likely vegan, but have not officially confirmed. Use your personal judgment when purchasing. Even though I’m positive these are vegan, they have yet to show up on the company’s vegan list.

Main Product Line

  • 315B-317B: ColorIcon Ombre Blush [all shades]
  • 392A, 393A, 395A: Wet n Wild Coloricon 5-Pan Eyeshadow Palettes [3 out of 5 palettes]
  • 980A: Under the Sheets 25 Makeup Remover Towelettes
  • C150A: MAX Volume Plus Mascara

2016 Reformulated MegaSlicks Lip Gloss

I have had a very difficult time checking each shade. The good news is that are a few vegan shades still. The WNW FAQ lists the shades 552B & 558B as not vegan, but it looks like there a lot more that aren’t due to formulation.

2016 Reformulated 325B-329B ColorIcon Blush

In the past, the ColorIcon Blusher had a couple of vegan shades (832E Heather Silk + 833E Mellow Wine). However, all of the newly reformulated 2016 blushes list carmine as the ingredients, so I’m not sure if the old carmine-free shades are still vegan-friendly. Over the year Wet n Wild has changed their labeling so that certain shades that include carmine state will list it in the ingredients. For example, the ColorIcon 5 pan Eyeshadow Palettes have some shades that list carmine, while others do not (e.g., The Naked Truth does not list carmine in its ingredients and is vegan-friendly, whereas Art in the Streets lists carmine).

If anyone has had confirmation that any of the new blushes are vegan-friendly, please let me know.

Discontinued Product Lines

  • 869-870: MegaEyes Defining Marker [all shades]
  • 881-884: H2O Proof Felt Tip Liquid Eyeliner [all shades
  • C360: Eye Make-Up Remover

LE Silver Lake Collection 2015

  • 34513: ColorIcon Eyeshadow Palette in Vegan Culture
  • 34520-34525: MegaLast Nail Color [all 6 shades]

Fergie CenterStage Collection [DISCONTINUED]

  • A158-A160: Fergie La Vie En Rouge Around-the-Clock Blush [all 3 shades]

Wet n Wild Product Lines Containing Animal-Derived Ingredients

Below is a list of the product lines that were stated to be vegan yet contain animal derived ingredients, regardless of whether they contain carmine or not. There’s nothing worse than buying a product, only to find the one ingredient you were trying to avoid was there all along.

Main Product Line

  • 110-115: Perfect Pair Eye Wand [beeswax]
  • 120-123: Perfect Pair Lip Wand [lanolin alcohol, beeswax]
  • 154-157: Color Icon Shimmer Eye Pencil [beeswax]
  • 502A-553B: Silk Finish Lipstick [lanolin alcohol, beeswax]
  • 563B-569A: MegaSlicks Lip Gloss [lanolin oil, lanolin, beeswax]
  • 650D-663C: Color Icon Brow & Eye Liner Pencil [beeswax]
  • 664C-666: Color Icon Lipliner [beeswax]
  • 690A-695A: MegaLast Retractable Eyeliner [beeswax]
  • 801-804: CoverAll Stick [lanolin]
  • 811, 812A, 813A, 814: CoverAll Liquid Concealer [beeswax]
  • 920-928: Wild Shine Lip Lacquer [lanolin wax, beeswax]
  • 941-949: Speed Gloss Energizing Lip Shine [discontinued, may be vegan, no ingredients information available]
  • C985A: Ultimate Brow Universal Stencil Kit [carmine]


  • C148: MegaImpact Mascara [beeswax]
  • C641A: MegaProtein Mascara [beeswax]
  • C891B: MegaWink Mascara [beeswax]
  • C894A: MegaPlump Waterproof Mascara [beeswax]
  • C899: MegaLength Waterproof Mascara [beeswax]

Fergie CenterStage Collection

  • 34281: Take on the Day Shimmer Eyeshadow Primer [carmine; more info]
  • Fergie CenterStage Turn Up the Volume Mascara [beeswax]
  • A066-A068: To Reflect Shimmer Palette [C10-30 Cholesterol/Lanosterol Esters; could in theory be vegetable derived, but unlikely]

Please keep in mind that there could be other hidden ingredients. Try contacting Wet n Wild directly if you are unsure about a product. If you feel really uncomfortable, don’t buy it.

I noticed that the MegaLast Liquid Lip Color contains synthetic beeswax. It could be that some of the other products containing beeswax may in fact be synthetic, but until there is a change on the ingredients listing, or I know for sure, I’m listing them all here.


7/1/2016: WNW has updated their vegan list! Now we have a better idea what is vegan, although there are still a few products that I’m convinced are vegan unaccounted for.

1/28/2016: WNW has done a huge major overhaul to a significant portion of their product lines, as well as adding tons of new products and discontinuing old favorites. I have product numbers for some of the new items, but not everything. It also appears that the Fergie CenterStage line has been discontinued, but some products have been moved to main line, like the eyeshadow primer. I need to track down all of the moved products, confirm they are still vegan friendly, before adding them to the site. I am trying to update this list as quickly and thoroughly as possible, but it is a process that will likely take months. Thank you for your understanding.

Update 2/26/2015: Moved MegaSlicks Lip Gloss 562B Cherry Glaze to the vegan list and added additional item numbers to the vegan mascara list. Updated Unconfirmed list with likely vegan contenders from the new 2015 product additions, including those from Walgreens and Wal-Mart. If a new 2015 product does not appear on any list below, it definitely contains lanolin, beeswax and/or carmine.

1/12/2014:I have updated the list with an unconfirmed category. This includes Wet n Wild products that are likely to be vegan, but have yet to be confirmed by the company.