Throwback Thursday: Everyday Minerals Eye Palette in My Beauty Essentials

The discontinued Everyday Minerals Eye Palette in My Beauty Essentials

My first throwback post! Exciting stuff. For the first TBT, I present to you the vintage Everyday Minerals Eye Palette.

I was rummaging in one of my makeup containers last weekend and spotted this little four piece eye palette by Everyday Minerals. They were a short-lived product that have long been discontinued, but were notable for being an absolute steal at $4 USD each. Yep. Four bucks a pop. Makes you wish EDM hadn’t discontinued them.

A closed Everyday Minerals Eye Palette

The palettes originally came with these awesome—but tiny—bamboo handled brushes. If I recall correctly, there were some problems with the brushes and EDM eventually switched over to a double-ended sponge applicator. One side has a regular tip, while the other is pointed for use as an eyeliner applicator. I ended up damaging mine and had to trash it.

Back when the eye palette was all shiny and new…

There were several different incarnations of the Eye Palette. I ended up with My Beauty Essentials that has On the Phone (pinkish tan; shimmer), Nutmeg (taupe; matte), Starlit (teal; shimmer), and Weeping Willow (navy; matte/pearl). It wasn’t my first pick, but the eye palettes were being phased at the time and it was the best option available for me.

From left to right: On the Phone, Nutmeg, Starlit, and Weeping Willow.

Each palette has three shadows and one shadow/liner in an oval, pearl plastic compact.There’s not a whole lot of product in the pots, but it’s definitely sufficient for most users. Also of note, there is a mirror on the inside of the lid and a well for the applicator. The company information, shade name and product ingredients are all listed on the bottom.

Bottom of the Everyday Minerals Eye Palette

Loose mineral eyeshadows can be a pain to travel with. Those pesky little screw lids always come undone and ungraciously leak powder all over your makeup bag. They even do this in my makeup drawer that is not getting constantly jostled like they do in a bag. This palette doesn’t use screw lids, but keeps the eyeshadows in pots with little rubber caps. It is very difficult for the product to accidentally spill. But alas, opening the eyeshadow lids can easily break a thumbnail if you’re not careful.

Les swatches

The main drawback to the eye palettes is getting the eyeshadows out of the pots. The sponge applicator that came with the kit doesn’t work very well and in any case, you don’t usually apply loose mineral powder with a sponge applicator. Generally you pat on mineral eyeshadows with a brush. Most of my makeup brushes are far too wide to fit in the little hole. I ended up using a rubber smudge tool to apply the shadow swatches.

I would love for Everyday Minerals to revisit the four color Eye Palettes one day. I really wish I had bought more palettes. They had some flaws, but were definitely a useful and economical product.

I hope you have enjoyed this first throwback post.