Throwback Thursday: Urban Decay Pocket Rocket Lip Gloss

In the good ole days before the fiasco involving a failed venture into China and subsequent acquisition by L’Oreal, Urban Decay was a (relatively) uncontroversial cruelty-free company.

During this peaceful period there was the Pocket Rocket Lip Glosses. Each gloss was named for a guy and had a lenticular photo of him clothed—and in his undies. To top it off, there was a front photo and a back photo.

I wish I had made an earlier purchase when they were just being clearanced because I missed out on a couple of guys that were more my type.

Jesse, Max, and Rashad

The downside is that the lenticular photos aren’t very clear. In a world of high definition, these photos are seriously lacking. We need some HD version of these guys.

The Pocket Rocket glosses have the absolute worst scent/flavor ever put into a lip product. If you think the candy flavor of the e.l.f. Super Glossy Lip Shine is overpowering, this is even worse. I don’t know what UD was thinking with their “creme brulee” flavor. I still wrinkle my nose when I apply the glosses.

Swatches of Max, Rashad, and Jesse


This was the first Pocket Rocket gloss I purchased. He’s not really my type, either the shade or the guy, but at the time there weren’t many options available and this was the closest workable shade for me. Jesse is a sort of purplish shade with gold glitter.


This is a terrible shade. It’s a sheer, neutral shade that is gloppy and shows off every line in your lips. Very unflattering.


I still keep this lovely sheer pink shade with me in my purse. Even though it’s more of a blue-based pink, due to the sheerness I can wear it just fine. Still tastes horrible.