New e.l.f. & Pacifica displays at Target {Spotted}

I visited Target last night to see the new displays…and I was hoping to find the new e.l.f. Spring collection. No luck on the latter, but I did snap a couple photos of the Pacifica and e.l.f. displays.

Target has been overhauling its beauty departments at all of their (US?) stores. The displays are much more brightly lit and the aisles are staggered at the end facing the registers/main aisle. I realized after I got home that they look like the displays I saw at the Coral Ridge Mall location in Iowa City during the holidays. I guess that Target got the new aisles earlier mine.


The e.l.f. section is the same size, but many products have changed. Gone are the Essential Jumbo Eyeshadow Sticks and Essential Lipsticks. We now have the Studio Mineral Infused Face Primer (all shades!), Studio Moisturizing Lipstick (my review here), Studio HD Blush (review here), Essential Ex-tra Lip Gloss (another review), and three different Essential eyeshadow primers, among other things. Oddly, the price for the three dollar studio products is $3.04.

New e.l.f. display at Target

Lots of new e.l.f. stuff.

Now for the bad news. There are no more Essential Lipsticks or Studio Baked Eyeshadows. While the lipsticks are frankly awful—with the constant breaking and poorly manufactured packaging—they are inexpensive and Fearless is the best vegan red lipstick ever. On the other hand, they were replaced with the Studio Moisturizing Lipsticks that are only three bucks and way, way better quality. I’m also so disappointed that the Studio Baked Eyeshadows were removed. They are one of my most favorite eyeshadow products ever (you can read about my love for this product here).

The e.l.f. BB Cream is strangely absent. I would have figured that e.l.f. would want to jump on that bandwagon. And no Mineral line products either. I guess they’re stuck as LE products.


I have constantly bemoaned the fact that the Pacifica displays at Target are lacking. Welp, it looks like Pacifica and Target are forging a stronger alliance, because already the display has gotten better, not to mention the uber-exclusive Gossamer Wings Eyeshadow Palette stocked only at

New Pacifica display at Target

There’s lots more makeup in the new Pacifica display.

I’m hoping the Pacifica display will be expanded after all the upcoming color cosmetics rollouts, but so far I found the Radiant Shimmers palette (here’s my review), Enlightened and Mystical Eyeshadow palettes, Stella Gaze Mascara, Smolder Eye Lining Gel, and Enlightened Lip Gloss.

I just realized that the Mystical eyeshadow palette was right there. Oh, I should have bought it.

The bad news is that there is still no BB cream…or Ultra CC Cream.

The Rest

I was hoping to find some Pixie items still on clearance, but there was nothing, either on the racks or scattered about the clearance sections.

Love My Nails 5-Packs at Target

Oh the feels…

I did find several different 5-packs of Love My Nails polishes in the dollar section. It brought on a wave of nostalgia to see them. I almost bought a pack, then remembered that I don’t really need any nail polish at the moment.

There are still no NYX or SheaMoisture cosmetics displays. I did find some SheaMoisture products like soaps, but not the cosmetics line. I was hoping to get a look at the products because I think there might be some vegan options—like their BB cream—but I haven’t been able to find the info online.

This is the problem with living in the Midwest. Even though I live in the second largest city in Iowa, it’s still considered a smaller market and we just don’t get the good stuff.

Although I gripe about the lack of products locally, I find it heartening that there are this many affordable vegan options available in places like Iowa. This is a great step forward and I hope the trend of accessible vegan makeup continues at Target.