New e.l.f. Display at Hy-Vee {Spotted}

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e.l.f. Display in Hy-Vee. Essential line products.

e.l.f. Display in Hy-Vee featuring Essential line products.

My local Hy-Vee (Mt. Vernon store in Cedar Rapids, IA) has been undergoing renovations to expand the store. Besides not being able to find any of the refrigerated Health Market items since they’ve been displaced during the renovations, I can’t find anything in the the new frozen section. Which is now huge.

There used to be a temporary e.l.f. display with a few odd products like a couple of Glitter Eyeshadows (that were somehow priced at $3) and the long discontinued Essential Healthy Glow Bronzing Powders (my review here), slapped on a random end cap in the pharmacy section. After we had stumbled around the refrigerated/frozen sections looking for some Tofu Pups to no avail, we left through the Health Market section and as we started towards the registers I spotted a new revolving display positioned tucked next to the pharmacy counter.

e.l.f. Display in Hy-Vee. Various Studio line products.

e.l.f. Display in Hy-Vee containing various Studio line products. Those are Studio brushes on the top row.

At first I tried to ignore it, but in the end I couldn’t resist. I dashed to the display and was really surprised to find a lot of good e.l.f. products, including some of the Studio Baked items—the Baked Eyeshadows are one of my favorite e.l.f. products (review here)—on the display. It was at this point that I realized I had left my phone in my purse with the hubby, so I had to track him down.

I photographed three of the four sides. The side I didn’t photograph had Essential brushes—only the yellow bristle brushes are vegan—and other tools like eyelash curlers and face blotters. Not much difference from previous revolving displays in the past.

e.l.f. Display in Hy-Vee. The Essential Flawless Eyeshadow (not shown) is on the top row.

e.l.f. Display in Hy-Vee. The Essential Flawless Eyeshadow (not shown) is on the top row.

All of the Essential Eyelid Primers were on the display, except the shade Sheer. I thought it was odd that they would leave out the basic color.

I picked up a Baked Blush in Passion Pink because it’s always out when I place an order. There were also a bunch of Studio Mascaras, as well as the Essential Flawless Eyeshadows (not shown), that I considered, but instead I shall wait for the Anniversary Sale so I can get them at 50% off. As much as I would love to get the Essential Flawless Eyeshadow, I haven’t heard good things about them, so I don’t consider them a priority. Plus, they’re available everywhere.

I’m wondering if the other Hy-Vee stores will follow suit. I’ve recently checked the Lindale location, but it’s the same display they’ve had for a while. In any case, it’s great that I now have more options when it comes to finding e.l.f. products locally.