New LE e.l.f. Sets + Vegan Friendly Holiday 2014 Sets at Walmart {Spotted}

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Last year I belatedly discovered that Walmart had carried some e.l.f. sets. I didn’t bother checking since I haven’t found many vegan friendly sets at Walmart in the past.

This year I wanted to check to see if the store had anything of interest from e.l.f., as well as to check up on a couple of Hard Candy items that I’d read about. And find I did.

Disclaimer: The following list is accurate to the best of my knowledge, but may contain errors. Items may vary locally. Please double-check ingredients.


By far the most unique e.l.f sets this year. Also the most elusive, as they are not carried online. I really prefer the holographic snowflake design on the boxes over the Missoni inspired versions at Walgreens.

I counted eight different e.l.f. sets altogether. I found two boxes with the $9.88 palettes/sets and two boxes with different smaller $4.88 sets. Walmart’s offerings seem more neutral than those at Target, Walgreens, and online at e.l.f.

The Makeup Collection contains an Essential Eyeshadow Brush that consists of natural fiber bristles and is not vegan.

The larger $9.88 sets include:

  • Makeup Collection (32 piece palette, non-vegan eyeshadow brush, another brush, liquid eyeliner, and mascara)
  • Eyeshadow Collection(/Palette)

e.l.f. LE Holiday 2014 $9.88 sets at Walmart

The smaller $4.88 sets include:

  • Shimmer Lip Gloss Collection
  • Eye Makeup Collection
  • Everyday Eyeshadow Beauty Book
  • Nail Polish Collection
  • Eyeliner Collection
  • Eyeshadow Duo Collection

e.l.f. Holiday 2014 Everyday Eyeshadow Beauty Book & Eye Makeup Collection from Walmart

After lamenting the lack of Beauty Books this holiday season, I had to pick up the Everyday Eyeshadow Beauty Book—the only version I saw—as well as the Eye Makeup Collection for the 6 pan eyeshadow palette. The eyeshadows in the Beauty Book are really pretty, even including the purples that are usually difficult for me to wear.

Hard Candy

I really, really wanted the baked eyeshadow minis for $1 to be vegan, but they all listed carmine. Bummer.

Most of the Hard Candy holiday products aren’t vegan, but here is a list of the ones that looked vegan friendly:

Holiday 2014 stocking stuffers at Walmart

I will point out that I have only found a fraction of this year’s sets so far. There are still a ton of eyeshadow sets that I still haven’t seen. So if you discover a set that looks vegan but I haven’t listed it above, it’s probably because I haven’t spotted it yet.

I picked up a silver Disco Lip Gloss. There are also black and hot pink versions, but since the lip glosses don’t mention shades, I’m not sure if they have different colors. The ingredients list caprylic/capirc triglyceride on the label, a substance mostly originating from coconut oil, as far as my research concludes.

Hard Candy Disco Lip Gloss | Walmart Holiday 2014

L.A. Colors

L.A. Colors is so hit or miss. Most of the products available this year are not suitable due to lanolin and beeswax, like the Chunky Lip Gloss sets, eyeliner sets, and the eyeshadow duos (in the stocking stuffer section).

The sets that are suitable for vegans are mostly the nail polish sets. There are a ton of nail polish sets, so I can’t remember which specifically are okay.

Also, the Lip Gloss Duos in the stocking stuffer section look fine. I picked up the set Sweet, but there are at least two other versions. They are mini sized, as compared to the e.l.f. Essential Super Glossy Lip Shines.

L.A. Colors Lip Gloss Duo & Hard Candy Disco Lip Gloss | Walmart Holiday 2014

Flower Beauty

Flower Beauty had some very pretty looking sets. Unfortunately, the two uber neat palettes Flower Eye-See-You Eye Beauty Sets and Flower Total Package Complete Beauty Sets both listed carmine on the label.

There were, however, the Flower Luxe ‘n’ Lacquered Nail Beauty Set and the fragrance set that should be suitable for vegans. They were on high shelves so I haven’t personally checked them.

Physicians Formula

I found the nifty Nude Wear set everyone’s been talking about recently. The three palettes are vegan, but there is a large, double-ended natural fiber brush included with the set.

Physician Formula Holiday 2014 set at Walmart


Markwins, the maker of Wet n Wild, as usual has a bunch of virtually unbranded sets. Most are not vegan due to beeswax and lanolin, but there are a few nail polish sets, including a Wet n Wild Fergie set, that looked fine.