e.l.f. LE Holiday 2014 Sets at Target {Spotted}

This post contains affiliate links I did what I never expected this morning and ended up in a Target at two in the morning trying to get a phone for my husband. We scored a $150 phone for $30, a deal I just couldn’t pass up. My husband has been using my old HTC Evo 3D, but it has this big dead spot on the bottom corner that severely interferes with using the device (a known issue). We’re treating the new phone like a late birthday present for him.

I was a bit shocked to find Target open all night since Thanksgiving evening. Mostly because I avoid Black Friday like the plague and didn’t know what to expect. But there were a few people there. And by a few, I mean quite a lot. Especially for Cedar Rapids at 2 am. Everybody here goes to bed around 10 pm.

e.l.f. Holiday 2014 at Target

Top of the e.l.f. Holiday 2014 display at Target

Since we were at Target I had to do an e.l.f. check. The last time I visited, I only saw the Holiday 10 Piece Lip Collection, Holiday 10 Piece Nail Polish Sets, and Holiday 7 Piece Duo Eyeshadow Collection in the front of the beauty section that’s right up front at the registers. I knew those were on sale for 20% off, but the Black Friday ad also mentioned that all other gift sets were 10% off. So I had to find them.

e.l.f. Holiday 2014 at Target

Bottom of the e.l.f. Holiday 2014 display at Target.
Oops. Just noticed I put the Gift Assortment tub back upside-down.

This time I looked around more thoroughly and found an end cap display with a ton of e.l.f. products. It was on an adjacent aisle to beauty where the toasters and blenders are located, facing the kitchen gadgets wall. I think most of the Super Targets have aisles similarly located. The end cap where the As Seen on TV stuff normally resides.

I’m not super impressed by this year’s holiday offerings at Target. Just slightly different versions of the products/palettes we’re used to seeing, and no (individual) Beauty Books either. Also, I’d already made my e.l.f. holiday order yesterday so I wasn’t interested in much. I think Walgreens may have ended up with slightly better sets.

I did, however, snag the Holiday Glossy Lips Set for 10% off + Red Card 5% discount. I have difficulty resisting the Super Glossy Lip Shines. The e.l.f. site lists the shades as Sugar Cookie, Sugar Plum Fairy and Candy Cane, but I think that may be the names of last year’s shades since the box lists them as Coral Crush, Pink Tutu, and Red-tastic.

We’ll never know the real names since the SGLSs aren’t actually named with anything more than a number. I’m such a makeup nerd because I know that Sugar Cookie, Sugar Plum Fairy and Candy Cane are some of the original names of the LE lip tin set from about five years ago (the stickers on the back list different names from what is printed on their fronts; see my throwback post).

e.l.f. Essential Holiday Glossy Lips Set

e.l.f. Essential Holiday Glossy Lips Set from Target

Another product I liked was the Essential Holiday 3 Piece Shimmer Eyes Set (top row of display, third from the right), which is good, because I had already bought it online. The Target eyeshadow version comes in two little pots, but the online e.l.f. version is a single compact, so I don’t know what to expect. I like the little pots better, personally.

And in other news, both of my digital decided to up and quit on me, leaving only my S3 camera until February. I’m not exactly happy at this turn of events—or the loss of (somewhat) quality photos—but at least I’ll be able to justify getting a DSLR now. So if you notice a downturn in quality with my photos, that’s why.