Pacifica Persian Rose Body Wash {Review}

Pacifica Persian Rose Body Wash {Review}



Rating: 5/5 stars ★★★★★
Price Tag: $10 USD
Weight: 8 fl oz
Where to Buy:

The Persian Rose collection is currently one of Pacifica’s main fragrance lines. Though I largely think of Pacifica as a cosmetics brand, the company began more as a perfume company. I’ve only had a couple of occasions to try out their non-makeup products.

During a visit to T.J.Maxx while on the hunt for a specific facial cleanser, I noticed a bottle of the Persian Rose Body Wash. It was a little more than I wanted to pay ($7 or $8), but I decided to take a chance, since I’m a huge fan of roses.


Pacifica is known for their elaborate and gorgeous packaging, and the Persian Rose Body Wash design is no exception with its Middle Eastern inspired design over an unexpected, warm yellow background. The bottle itself holds 8 oz of product and is recyclable (PET, designated as 1).

I think there may be a reason as to why this shower gel was at T.J.Maxx. After perusing the ingredients list, I felt there were some omissions and double-checked the Pacifica site. As expected, the two lists are different. I’m not sure if the body wash was reformulated at some point, but the label on my bottle omits any kind of parfum, an ingredient that should, and is, on the website’s list.


I honestly did not expect the shower gel to be so concentrated. While it’s a little pricier than I normally spend on body care, the concentrated formula makes up for it. I use about a dime sized amount on my ecoTOOLS shower pouf and the result is super duper, lathery pouf. Seriously impressive.

All current products by Pacifica are formulated to be cruelty-free and vegan.


I’m not sure if it’s due to my birth month flower being a rose and growing up in California, and is therefore something subconscious, but I have always loved the scent of roses. The real thing, not the artificial fragrance. I’d love to try some of the other Persian Rose products available by Pacifica. I knew about the Persian Rose fragrance line from Pacifica, but just never got around to trying it.

Pacifica describes the Persian Rose fragrance on their website as such:

Our blend of Bulgarian rose, subtle violet, myrrh and delicate fruit is a nod to the floral empire of the Persians, the kings of perfume in the 9th century. Spiritual, elegant and classic.

The Persian Rose scent is true to a natural rose scent, as opposed to a dreaded artificial one. Though the company lists other notes—like violet and myrrh—in the fragrance, I just get rose. And that’s fine by me.

This is a very floral scent. Though I don’t often wear floral perfumes, I don’t have any issues with them in shower gels. I can also make an exception for floral notes in a product with a good rose scent.

Final Thoughts

Pros: Natural rose scent, concentrated formula, super lathery, recyclable packaging
Cons: Kind of pricey, not widely available, very floral

If you’re a fan of roses, like me, this Persian Rose Body Wash does not disappoint.