Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine's Day



So, today is obviously Valentine’s Day. I admit that I wasn’t really anticipating the holiday. I just can’t get behind the pink, red and purple color scheme! Then there’s my younger son’s 11th birthday coming up next week that has me distracted at the moment.

I’m in my 17th year of marriage and Valentine’s Day doesn’t seem that important anymore. Hubby did pick up a pair of earphones for me. I told him earlier this week that if he was considering buying a bouquet of flowers, makeup lasts longer. I usually make my husband and kids some homemade, vegan peanut butter cups, but it’ll have to be postponed til tomorrow—did I also mention we have difficulty celebrating holidays on their official dates?

I had a Valentine’s look all planned out, but I ended up going super simple instead (like tightlined eyeliner and mascara kind of simple). I’ll probably share it tomorrow on my Instagram account.

In other news, this is hopefully one of the last posts where I have to use my camera phone to photograph images, although it did a better job than I expected. My newly ordered camera should arrive by the end of next week. It’s quite a step up from the Canon P&S I’ve used for most of the blog. Needless to say, I’m super excited about it!