e.l.f. Studio Contouring Brush {Review}

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Rating: 5/5 stars ★★★★★
Price Tag: $6 USD
Where to Buy: Online at eyeslipsface.com

I was excited to see e.l.f release a contouring brush because I have been lusting after the Everyday Minerals Itahake Brush for years. The latter has just not been in stock when I’ve been willing to place an order.

The e.l.f. Studio Contouring Brush is cruelty-free and has vegan Taklon bristles.


The handle is the same black wooden (bamboo maybe?) handle that all e.l.f.Studio brushes have. So far it’s stayed together, unlike a lot of my other Studio brushes where the ferrules have come loose. I have many a wobbling brushes. My Studio Small Tapered Brush recently completely detached from the handle. They all still work fine, it’s just a little annoying. I’ll point out that I don’t have any issues with my ecoTOOLS brushes.

e.l.f. Essential and Studio brushes


The Contouring Brush has a similar look to the stippling brushes, with white bristles sticking up a little over a base of black bristles. The bristles are short, very stiff and dense, yet still soft. Since this brush is designed primarily for contouring it is wide, but very short in height.

Close up of the e.l.f. Studio Contouring Brush

I haven’t had many issues with shedding, though I noticed that not all bristles were cut evenly. You can see in some of the photos that there are a few random fibers are much longer than the rest.


To say I’m not the best at contouring world be putting it politely. No matter how much I practice, I just can’t seem to get bronzer applied like I see on Internet tutorials.

e.l.f. Studio Contouring Brush

I’m still not a pro by any means, but the Studio Contouring Brush helps a lot. It applies the product right where I want. If I accidentally over-apply too much product to my face, I can easily blend it out with the brush to look more natural. Up until now, I had been using the e.l.f. Studio Fan and Studio Small Tapered brushes to apply bronzer, with varying levels of success.

Not sure if this is recommended, but I sometimes use the brush to apply highlighter to the upper parts of my cheeks and also my forehead.


Final Thoughts

Pros: Budget-friendly, soft and dense bristles
Cons: Only available online, single purpose design

This brush is definitely one of my favorite brushes. It works so much better than other brushes I’ve tried for applying bronzer and contouring powders to my face.

Though twice as much as the majority of e.l.f. Studio brushes, the Contouring Brush is still a beauty steal at $6.

One downside to the brush is its single purpose design. It’s not a very flexible brush that can used for many other tasks. I use the brush mostly for bronzer and sometimes for highlighting, but I’ll also use the Contouring Brush for blush when I’m feeling lazy.

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