Recent Hauls from Walgreens, Dollar Tree & Target

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Recent Hauls from Walgreens, Dollar Tree & Target

Recent Hauls from Walgreens, Dollar Tree & Target

Just when I thought the whole Walgreens Disney Princess thing was over, it appears the promotion is still going strong, this time featuring Belle from one of my favorite Disney films, Beauty and the Beast. So far just the cosmetics bags from SoHo are currently available, but it has been confirmed that the ORLY polishes will be released in time. Now I’m just waiting for the e.l.f. makeup to be announced. Hopefully we won’t have that adjusted price nonsense like the Elsa collection and we’ll have to pay the normal e.l.f. Disney Princess prices, that is, one or two dollars more than the permanent product lines.

At this time, the Disney Princess Belle collection is only available in Walgreens stores.


I purchased the largest cosmetics bag for $11.99, mostly because I liked this art best and I use my Disney Villains Evil Queen bag fairly often when I have occasion to travel. You can see the other three Belle makeup bags here at Nouveau Cheap.

Also at Walgreens, I tracked down the new LE Wet n Wild Summer 2015 California Dreaming collection. I picked up three of the five new nail colors—Green Tease, Bee-u-tiful, Sun Settle Down—and a top coat Clear the Air. There are also LE Balm Stains (not vegan) and some new ColorIcon Bronzers. I’m kicking myself over the bronzers because I didn’t realize they were new. Hopefully they will still be in stock later. Supposedly there are LE eyeliners and mascaras, but I didn’t notice differences from the permanent versions. Again, you can click here to see more about the California Dreaming collection at Nouveau Cheap.

Wet n Wild California Dreaming Summer 2015 Collection:
MegaLast Polish in Sun Settle Down, Bee-U-Tiful, Green Tease, and Clear the Air

Wet n Wild MegaLast Polish:
Silver Lake Spring 2015 Collection Tree Hugger vs California Dreaming Summer 2015 Collection Green Tease

I also found a display from the late Wet n Wild Silver Lake Spring 2015 collection for the ColorIcon Blush & Glow Trios. My store only had two shades. I had thought there were three versions, but the display looked like it only had room for two colors. All I know is that of the two versions, one—Fair Trade—did not contain carmine. I was very surprised because I didn’t expect any of the trios to be carmine-free. So I know one has carmine, one does not, but I have no idea about the third. The Blush & Glow Trios are not confirmed vegan, LE Wet n Wild products rarely are, but I purchased Fair Trade because the formulation is the same as most of the brand’s other products and the ingredients appear vegan-friendly. I’m quite close to finishing my review on this product, so look forward to that soon.

Wet n Wild ColorIcon Blush & Glow Trio in Fair Trade

Ingredients of the Wet n Wild ColorIcon Blush & Glow Trio in Fair Trade

Dollar Tree

My husband and I visit Dollar Tree often to pick up lots of cartons of Westsoy soymilk. While I’m there I always check the makeup section to see if they have more discontinued e.l.f. products. Recently my local Dollar Tree locations have put in a large shelf area for L.A. Colors nail polishes. I gave it a once over, but this time I noticed a blue glitter polish that I hadn’t seen before. After looking over the shelves, I purchased shades in Spring Flirt (blue with pastel hex glitters), Speckled (pastel glitters in a clear base), and So Famous (a grey with slight pearl finish). I realized that I didn’t have any grey polishes.

L.A. Colors Color Craze Polishes in Spring Flirt, Speckled and So Famous

L.A. Colors Color Craze Glitter Polishes in Spring Flirt and Candy Sprinkles

L.A. Colors Color Craze Glitter Polish in Fruity, Speckled, and Cupid’s Arrow over So Famous


The other haul is from Target, though I just have the Method Body Wash in the above photo. It was more of a mini-haul I had seen the body wash on Instagram and was happy to find three scents on an end cap in the beauty section. I chose the scent Desert Lily. I haven’t tried the body wash because I am still working on my Pacifica Persian Rose Body Wash. I don’t think I will ever finish that bottle.

Recent Hauls from Walgreens, Dollar Tree & Target

Recent Hauls from Walgreens, Dollar Tree & Target

I also bought some Seventh Generation laundry detergent and dish soap. I had coupons from,, and on Target Cartwheel. I ended up getting the dish soap for 0.89 after all the discounts were applied.


I hope you’ve enjoyed this post. Questions? Comments? Let me know below!