LunatiCK Cosmetic Labs Apocalipslick {Review}


Rating: 4.5/5 stars ★★★★☆
Price Tag: $9 USD
Shades Available: 11 shades
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I have been such a big fan of LunatiCK Cosmetic Labs ever since I discovered their adorable coffin shaped eyeshadow palettes. It didn’t take long for me to discover their equally awesomely named lip products, the Apocalipslicks. Unfortunately the shades I wanted to order were out of stock whenever I tried to place an order. I finally managed to snag two of the shades I wanted during a sale a couple months back.

All LunatiCK Cosmetic Labs products are certified cruelty-free and vegan.


The glosses are packaged in traditional clear plastic tubes with glossy black lids. There were stickers on both of my glosses saying they had been upgraded, i.e., 15% larger than normal. Unfortunately I can’t find the label information I kept, so I don’t remember the weight of either tube versions, or how much they were upgraded. I’m not sure if all of the glosses have increased in size or if this was a temporary move.

The tubes have the brand and product line printed in black. The ingredients and other product info is printed on a sticker atop the shrink wrapper. There is a small sticker on the bottom of the tube that lists the name of shade.

Applicator of the Apocalipslicks

The applicator has the usual doe foot applicator. It does a good job of applying the gloss evenly, unlike the angled applicators of the similar L.A. Colors Glazed Lip Paints (my review here).


The Apocalipslicks are a super pigmented thick gloss, with a pleasant peppermint flavor that has a pronounced cooling effect. They’re basically a liquid lipstick.

Apocalipslicks in Crypt Cream and Renegade

They have somewhere between a velvet and glossy finish. While there’s not a whole lot of shine, they’re also not matte either. I do have some issues with bleeding, but that’s not uncommon with darker lip shades.


The glosses have some unusual shades since that’s LunatiCK Labs specialty. I’d love to try green lips, but I’m more into nudes and neutrals so there are only certain shades I’m willing to try (for now?).

Swatches of the Apocalipslicks in Crypt Cream and Renegade.
Even on my own arm, Renegade looks warmer than it does on my face.

Crypt Cream

Probably the most mainstream of the glosses, this is a bright coral pink shade. Crypt Cream is very similar to the L.A. Girl Glazed Lip Paint shade Elude.

I haven’t noticed a lot of bleeding with Crypt Cream, but it can lightly emphasize the lines in the lips.


I figured Coven Cream would be far too pale and cool-toned for me, so I went with Renegade. The photo comparisons I saw made Renegade look incredibly warm and look where that got me. I had spent months lusting after Cashmere from Lime Crime but had some qualms about the company’s business practices. I was very happy to discover that Renegade is a similar dupe.

I looked at so many swatches online and liked the warm hints in the color, so I was very disappointed to find that Renegade is a very cool, unflattering purplish brown on me. It’s basically greige. I suspect that Renegade applied on individuals with cool-undertones shows up warm, whereas it has the opposite effect on those with warmer skin tones. It’s also very dark on me, though I’m not surprised since I have a very light skin tone.

Due to the thick formula and deep color, you’re best served using a lip liner with Renegade. It has a very bad habit of bleeding.

One thing I do to salvage the situation is to apply Renegade, blot, then apply a layer of Crypt Cream.


Final Thoughts

Pros: Budget-friendly, thick formula, pigmented, peppermint flavor
Cons: Minty flavor, dark shades bleed, tubes are lint magnets

Overall I am pleased with the Apocalipslicks, even if Renegade was something of a disappointment. The price is very affordable and the glosses have lots of unusual shades, an opaque and creamy formula, and are easy to apply.


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