Dollar Tree Haul


This post originally dates back to the beginning of June, but as was mentioned before, illness and general life unpleasantness has delayed the article until now. Even though this trip was a few weeks ago, I have seen most of these items still in stock. I have a more recent haul post for Dollar Tree that will be posted shortly.

I’ve been watching a lot Dollar Tree haul videos lately and have been searching in vain for a few items. Unfortunately, since the L.A. Colors nail polish display was installed at my two local stores, the makeup selection has greatly declined.

Hair Accessories

Mostly what I purchased this trip was hair products. I’ve attempted many new styles but my hair is frustratingly slippery and has a fine texture so most products fall off or otherwise refuse to work.

Dollar Tree hair accessories haul

I had seen the pink fabric headwrap in some haul videos and was excited to find it at one of my DT stores. I only purchased one to ensure that it would work with my hair. It’s very tight, but I didn’t think it was a girls’ product. The people I saw hauling the headwraps were adults, so I wasn’t expecting it to be so small. I do like the product, but I think it will slip off my head fairly easily within an hour or so.

Dollar Tree has really been pushing their hair elastics lately. Every time I visit a store there is a new selection of colors. I like to stick with neutrals, so that’s the color version I purchased. I need an elastic band with a bit more strength and these are made out of a soft, stretchy material. It works better on me for a loose ponytail. Otherwise the weight of my long hair pulls the elastic band down. They probably work better on those with thicker hair with a lot texture.

The Goody StayPut headbands have two bands per package. Each headband has rubber grippers on the inside to hold them in place. The packaging says they are girl sized. I figured that I have a small head so they would work, but the headbands do seem a little tight. They also slip off my head like adult versions, so I don’t think they will work for me.

Close up of the Goody StayPut Headbands

Both flower hair products have worked the best of the accessories I purchased. One has a metal clip so it works just fine. The other is on an ouchless band, something I wear just about every day, with a flower attached on top and works pretty well.

Frozen Food

I have discovered some interesting frozen food options at my Dollar Tree: veggie burgers, battered mushrooms and vegetable samosas. All three are from an Indian manufacturer and vegan-friendly. Unfortunately, I cannot find the battered mushrooms anymore (please note that there are two versions of breaded mushrooms available, one vegan and one not). I’m not a huge fan of the veggie burgers, but you can’t argue with all those veggies. Not available during this trip, but sometimes my local Dollar Tree with the frozen food has veggie spring rolls that are vegan-friendly. I also usually pick up a few packages of frozen fruit when I visit DT. No one else has prices this low. My favorites are the frozen strawberries, blueberries, pineapple, and mango chunks.

Dollar Tree frozen foods: Veggie Burgers, Vegetable Samosas, Battered Mushrooms, and blueberries

I don’t have any photos, but our local store has started carrying Jamaican vegetable patties. My husband and I love them. I personally wouldn’t call them patties. I’d rather describe them as whole wheat Hot Pockets or Pop Tarts with stewed veggies inside. My husband wanted to buy a case, but apparently Dollar Tree doesn’t sell frozen food online.

Other Stuff

A random product I bought was a duo pack of wine glass shades. They are made from vellum and fit over a wineglass for a cute table decoration. You use flameless votives instead of real votive candles, a product that Dollar Tree conveniently sells. I use the flameless votives for Halloween props.

Dollar Tree Wine Glass Shades

The last product I’ll talk about is the little wallet, or the travel card holder, as it’s officially called (they’re in the first two photos). The inside has two openings with windows for IDs and credit/debit/rewards cards. I can fit about four cards in each pocket. The outside of the wallet has a smaller wrapping of plastic—in this case, orange—that can hold bills. I ended up getting another one for my husband because I liked mine so much.


Final Thoughts

Like e.l.f. products, Dollar Tree products can be very hit or miss. At this point, the flower hair accessories have worked the best for my hair. And I’m definitely happy with the selection of frozen food. I hope DT keeps stocking the Indian-based frozen foods because having these vegan friendly options around makes veganism more accessible and affordable.