e.l.f. Disney Princess Face Comparison

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The e.l.f. Disney Princess Belle and Elsa Face Palettes, along with the Belle Beauty Book, have similar bronzers and blushes. The three products compared in this post are the Elsa Snow and Ice: Icicle Face Palette, the Belle An Enchanted Tale: Face Palette, and the Belle An Enchanted Tale: Beauty Book.

The Face Palettes have more product in their pans over the Beauty Book face products—2.8 g versus 4 g each—whereas the Beauty Book shades have official names while the Face Palettes do not.

The e.l.f. Disney Princess Face Palettes are completely vegan. The blush and bronzer of the Beauty Book are vegan, but it also contains a non-vegan, natural fiber eyeshadow brush. All e.l.f. cosmetics are cruelty-free.


The Elsa and Bell Face Palettes both feature a highlighter, though the Beauty Book does not. The Elsa highlighter is a powdery pale pink with a pink duochrome shimmer. It’s sort of similar to the Ain’t That Sweet/Let it Go shade of the e.l.f. Essential Smudge Pots. The Belle highlighter is white with a pronounced gold duochrome shimmer.

Both shades have a lot pigmentation—for a highlighter—with tons of very noticeable shimmer. It seems best to focus the highlighters on the cheekbones. The shimmer is much too noticeable on the forehead and looks ridiculous on the nose. Shimmer on the face has a bad way of making the skin look oily, so I never understand why companies insist on packing so much shimmer into face products.

Swatches of the Elsa Face Palette, Belle Face Palette, and Belle Beauty Book


All three products have nearly identical, peachy blushes with noticeable gold glitter flakes. The Belle Beauty Book blush, A Single Rose, is the most neutral and peach, while the Elsa blush is the most pink. However, the colors are so light that they are basically identical when applied. All were difficult to swatch.

All three have a dry consistency that translates into having a lower pigmentation than the bronzers or highlighters. Though the blushes have a dry formula, they aren’t exactly powdery. The lower pigmentation gives off a subtle glow for those with light to medium skin tones. I think darker skin tones will have a more difficult time trying to layer on enough product to be visible.

Swatches of the Elsa Face Palette, Belle Face Palette, and Belle Beauty Book


The bronzers seem similar in the pan, but have many differences once applied to the face.

The lightest bronzer is found in the Elsa Face Palette. It is a tan with a pronounced golden shimmer. While I appreciate the inclusion of a light color that is less common in the bronzer world, the very shimmery gold makes it not a good fit for contouring, like around the cheekbones or nose area. It seems a better fit for adding color around the forehead and the decolletage area.

The bronzer in the Belle Face Palette is a medium to dark brown with warm undertones and slight golden shimmer. Those with fair skin should use a light hand while contouring due to the pigmentation. Those with medium skin tones should see the best results, while individuals with darker skin tones will likely have difficulty applying enough bronzer to be visible on the skin.

The bronzer, Enchanted, from the Belle Beauty Book is the darkest bronzer with a cool toned brown and least amount of shimmer. It appears almost matte on the skin, sort of like a demi-matte finish. Because this is a cool toned brown, it will most likely be the most natural contouring powder for most individuals. This is very pigmented, so those with light skin tones will need a very light hand while applying.

Swatches of the Elsa Face Palette, Belle Face Palette, and Belle Beauty Book