A Very Pumpkin Epically Epic Order {Haul}


This order was all about the pumpkin. I purchased three different types of products and managed to get a pumpkin variety in each one.

Like most women in America, I am obsessed with all things fall, particularly Halloween. So of course I was totally into the new fall collection by Epically Epic, one of my all time favorite indie brands.

Most products by Epically Epic should be vegan, but double check the item description before ordering.

Since I knew I was going to purchase a bunch of products, I made sure the order was over $30 USD so I could snag a limited edition GWP lip balm. How could I pass up such an opportunity?

Lip Colors

It looks like the lip tints are discontinued and succeeded by the new, and larger, lip colors. These promise more pigmentation than the previous lip tints. In my experience, the lip tints of past varied greatly in terms of color payoff. Some were very, very sheer with only a hint of color, while others did have fairly substantial pigmentation.

The lip colors retail for $5 each.

Fall 2015 Limited Edition Lip Balms and Colors.
Apricot Creme Sorbet is pinker in person.

After looking at all of the lip colors, and drooling over so many shades, I eventually settled on Watermelon Punch, Pumpkin Patch, and Apricot Creme Sorbet. It’s always difficult to purchase makeup online since you don’t know how the colors will look on you, but I was very happy with all three shades. Fortunately, there are swatch photos that accompany each listing to better show the colors.

Swatches of the Fall 2015 Limited Edition Lip Colors in Apricot Creme Sorbet, Watermelon Punch, and Pumpkin Patch.
Again, Apricot Creme Sorbet is pinker in person.

My favorite of the the bunch is Watermelon Punch, a light coral shade. Pumpkin Patch is a bronze color, while Apricot Creme Sorbet is a gorgeous peach with an ethereal gold shift. The photos make it look like the latter is some sort of a light orange shade, but there’s definitely pink in the color.

Lip Balms

There are currently so many yummy sounding autumn lip balms available at Epically Epic. Cornucopia. Pumpkin Pie. Candy Corn. Hazelnut Cinnamon. Vanilla Nutmeg. It was so hard to pick just two.

Both of the balms I chose were autumn themed. I knew I was going to get the Pumpkin Spice Latte, somewhat due to missing out on the annual coffee craze since I’m vegan and all. I’ve had difficulty replicating the flavor at home, although that could be because I don’t think I’ve ever had a pumpkin spice latte. I’m glad I went with PSL instead of Pumpkin Pie because the coffee really grounds—no pun intended—the flavor. Not that a pumpkin pie flavor would have also been good.

The other flavor I purchased was Witch’s Brew because this seems very abstract and I was curious about the final result. I found the description very intriguing.

Quoted from the Etsy description:

Witch’s Brew ~ A sweet potion of blood orange, blackberries, black cherry, and red wine.

In person, I mostly get a citrus burst flavor. While it’s not what I personally think of the term witch’s brew, it’s still a lovely flavor.

Fall 2015 Limited Edition GWP Lip Balm in Affy Tapple.

The limited edition balm I received was Affy Tapple. I didn’t realize until I was at Aldi a couple of days ago that Affy Tapple is a caramel apple. Guess that’s what happens when you’ve been vegan for fourteen years. Back to the balm, this is not your average sweet, apple flavor. It’s dark and very smoky. Which is good considering I not big into apple scents. Personally, I would have called this flavor Witch’s Brew. Very interesting.

One of the flavors I wanted to get was Candy Corn, but decided against it. A couple of years ago I purchased a candy corn flavored lip balm from a seller on Etsy and it was way too overpowering and cloying. After sampling some of fall flavors by Epically Epic, I think the EE candy corn balm would have been fine. The shop owner is very good with flavors and I’ve never once found them overwhelming or too sweet.

Epically Epic is one of my all-time favorite sources of vegan lip balms. I highly recommend trying them if you haven’t already. Lip balms are currently $3.75 USD each.

Solid Lotion

Lastly, I purchased another solid lotion in the flavor Pumpkin Pie. Years ago I ordered a sample set of solid lotion from Epically Epic and the one flavor I really wanted was pumpkin pie. Instead I ended up with a pumpkin pie-apple flavor. It wasn’t bad, just not quite what I wanted.

Pretty packaging.

As I said before, I’m not a huge fan of apples and I rarely eat them anyway since they are almost always coated in beeswax or shellac. I’m only loyal to apples because I was raised in Washington state and in California, where I lived near an old apple orchard in California called Oak Glen.

Anyway, finally got my Pumpkin Pie solid lotion and I love it! Especially now that it’s fall and my skin has started to become very dry.

Get your own solid lotion for $8.50 USD a pop.


Have you tried Epically Epic products? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!