ColourPop Ultra Matte Lip {Review}


Rating: 2/5 stars ★★☆☆☆
Price Tag: $6 USD
Weight: 3.2 g / 0.11 oz
Where to Buy: Online at

ColourPop’s Ultra Matte Lip is one of the brand’s most popular products and one of the first products I tried. It is a budget-friendly, cruelty-option at $6 a pop.

Currently, all shades are vegan except Tulle. You can see double-check which products are not vegan by visiting the ColourPop FAQ page.


The UML comes in a clear plastic tube with a chrome handle. The product is applied via a traditional doe-foot applicator. The brand name and product are printed on the side of the tube in a holographic foil. A clear, round sticker with the shade name can be found on the bottom of the tube.

ColourPop Ultra Matte Lip in Beeper

Overall I like the tube packaging. It’s durable, yet still stylish. Not too big or clunky. My one complaint is that the neat holographic label on my UML has already mostly worn off.


If you’re a fan of long-wearing, kiss-proof, matte lip products, the Ultra Matte Lip by ColourPop is for you.

Unfortunately for me, the formula is way too drying. It only takes about half a minute before the all too familiar tightening sensation pulls on my lips.

First ColourPop haul: Lippie Stix in Bound, Ultra Matte Lip in Beeper and Super Shock Shadow in I <3 This

On the plus side, the formula is very long-lasting—at least several hours on me, and that’s saying something—and there is basically no transfer when eating and drinking. It’s also very lightweight. But I just can’t get over how drying it is.

Unlike the ColourPop Lippie Stix, the Ultra Matte Lip does not have a scent/flavor. That’s definitely a positive for me. I’m really not a fan of that candy flavor in the Lippie Stix.


There are roughly 50 Ultra Matte Lip shades, with new ones added seemingly every month. At this point I only have one shade and I don’t see myself ordering more in the future.

ColourPop does a very good job of creating colors for just about everyone. The company also swatches each product on three different skin tones for nearly every shade available.

Remember to exfoliate before applying the UML.

Swatches of ColourPop Lippie Stix in Bound and Ultra Matte Lip in Beeper.


ColourPop describes Beeper as a “warm mid-tone taupe”. I mostly agree with this—although it’s on the darker side of lip gloss shades—but it will turn cool if you have warm undertones. The lip shot on ColourPop is totally off and not true to color in any way (they all seem to be). I wish Beeper looked like that in person.

Alas, Beeper is both way too dark and a much too cool brown for my skin. If I blot the product right away before it sets, Beeper isn’t so severe, but I rarely reach for it. What’s odd is that the swatch on my arm doesn’t seem that dark or as cool as it is on my face.

Beeper will look best on those with medium to darker skin tones, especially on those with cooler undertones.

Swatches of ColourPop Ultra Matte Lip in Beeper and Lunatick Cosmetic Labs Apocalipslick in Renegade.

I keep searching for a good dupe for Lime Crime’s Cashmere (not dealing with that drama). My two main problems are that I’m very light and have a warm skin tone (I wear the shade Porcelain in e.l.f. Studio products as a reference), both of which make finding a complimentary dupe difficult. I’ll see women with light skin rocking these types of shades, but I look like a corpse or goth when I put it on. Since most women of Northern European descent have cool undertones, these types of Cashmere-like shades will turn slightly warm, whereas they do the opposite to me.

This shade is similar to Lunatick Cosmetic Labs lip color in Renegade (see my review here). To compare, CP Beeper is a slightly warmer taupe and has a matte finish, while LCL Renegade is a cooler taupe, darker, and has a creme finish.

Product Photos

Final Thoughts

Pros: Long-wearing, shades, non-transferable, no scent/flavor
Cons: Very drying, label wears off easily

While many will appreciate the matte formula of the Ultra Matte Lip, it’s a huge deal breaker for me. It’s just too drying for me to use often.

Fortunately, ColourPop created the Ultra Satin Lip that works tons better for me. If you also have chronically dry lips, give the USL a try. It doesn’t last as long, and it’s definitely not transfer-proof, but it’s creme formula is a better fit for dry lips.